An engagement ring with a 4 carat diamond is just as impressive as it is beautiful, a ring that will not only make your loved one shine bright, but that is also an investment in your common future. We show you what to look for when making a purchase and how to find the ideal diamond at the best price. 

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What Options are There For a 4-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

The most important decision that also has a significant impact on the total price of the ring is if you choose a 4-carat solitaire engagement ring or a ring withmultiple diamonds with a total of four carats.

The bigger a single diamond and the higher its quality, the more scarce it is. Still, the price doesn’t increase linearly with the carat weight of a stone. For example, the cost of ten smaller diamonds of 0,40 carats will be a fraction of a 4-carat diamond of the same quality, even though the total carat weight of the jewellery piece is equal.
Engagement rings with different diamond sizes - White gold solitaire engagement rings of different diamond sizes
Besides the solitaire, halo engagement rings and trilogy Engagement Rings are trendy too. With the halo ring, many small diamonds surround the central diamond. The accompanying diamonds provide sparkle and fire, just like the luminous circle of the sun, making the central stone appear larger and make it stand out even more. The trilogy ring features three stones, where the bigger central diamond is flanked on both sides by a smaller diamond.

Generally speaking, there are no limits to your imagination. Especially with luxurious engagement rings, the number of possible designs is inexhaustible. With the jewellery experts at BAUNAT, you can design your own dream ring, a custom-made engagement ring that perfectly matches your imagination and style.

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What Details Should I Keep in Mind When Buying a 4-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

Regardless of the budget and diamond size, you should look out for the quality, which in diamonds is defined by four characteristics: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut –– the so-called 4C’s. These criteria determine not only the price of a diamond, but also its beauty.

A beautiful diamond doesn’t have to be perfect and achieve the optimum in all four categories. The stone should be balanced, as the individual quality features cannot balance each other out. Inclusions visible to the naked eye won’t disappear with an ideal cut, and a flawless diamond doesn’t compensate for any defects in the cut.

The 4C’s and the authenticity of a diamond, are confirmed in its certificate, which also proves that the stone is of natural origin. Don’t buy treated diamonds that have been subsequently improved in quality. The certificate should come from an independent and respected diamond laboratory such as GIA, HRD or IGI. These laboratories rate diamonds particularly rigorously, so you can be sure that the objective quality corresponds to what is in the certificate.

As the material for a 4-carat diamond engagement ring, only choose 950 platinum or 750 gold (often referred to as 18-carat gold). These high-quality and robust precious metals ensure that you will enjoy your engagement ring for a lifetime.

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Trilogy engagement ring of highest quality - A precious engagement ring with 3 diamonds

Where do I find the best value for money?

To avoid paying more than what’s necessary for a 4-carat engagement ring, you should choose a supplier who gets its gemstones directly from the source and avoids unnecessary additional costs for intermediaries and expensive shops in exclusive locations. The leaner the company structure, the more focus is on the actual product and the more you benefit as a customer.

You will find a particularly attractive value for price in Antwerp, the world capital of diamonds. Thanks to its port, the city is the centre of the diamond trade. You can find three of the largest diamond exchanges in the diamond district, consisting of only a few streets. This guarantees not only an exceptionally large variety of diamonds, but also incredibly fair prices.

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