We are all familiar with the traditional and timeless engagement ring proposal. But some of you out there are not as keen on rings, or prefer more unique symbols of your engagement. Have you ever thought of a diamond engagement bracelet instead of a ring? Over time,as proposals become more original, adventurous and unique, people start looking for jewellery that is out-of-the-ordinary and that corresponds more to their character or their relationship to their partner.

That is how the diamond bracelet has truly become the modern twist to proposals.

  • Why choose a diamond engagement bracelet?
  • Which designs are ideal for a proposal?

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Why Choose a Diamond Engagement Bracelet Instead Of A Ring?

Not every woman likes to wear rings and that may be due to various reasons. It may be because they have manual jobs, or because they don’t like the feeling of rings on their fingers. But it can also be simply because they are afraid of loosing the ring as they go on in their daily activities.

A diamond bracelet is a fantastic and original alternative. It can be worn daily without ever removing it, and it allows more freedom of movement as it doesn’t get as easily caught into clothes or damaged.

If you decide to propose to the love of your life with a diamond bracelet, you are certain to make the proposal truly special and to surprise her as she is presented not with one diamond, but a multitude of diamonds.

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Which Designs Are Ideal For a Proposal?

We truly believe thatthe ultimate diamond engagement bracelet is the tennis bracelet. It is the most wonderful symbol of love, it is timeless and has won over hearts for the past decades.

The tennis bracelet is an elegant bracelet that is made of precious gold or platinum and is set with a river of diamonds. The one essential feature of this stunning diamond bracelet is that each link that is set with one diamond is mobile, meaning that the bracelet is not rigid which really adds to the charm of the bracelet.

Traditionally the diamond tennis bracelet is composed of one row of diamonds. But recently, with its growing popularity, you can find it with two, three or even more rows, adding brilliance for an even more spectacular look.

Furthermore, the tennis bracelet can be adapted to suit your budget. You may choose a setting with smaller diamonds, and instead of choosing the highest quality, you may opt for the commercial quality that is just as beautiful but slightly more accessible.

Do you wish to propose with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery? Then a diamond bracelet is for you. BAUNAT offers a lovely collection of tennis bracelets in different gold colours, as well as the option of buying eithera rigid diamond bracelet ora classic tennis bracelet. Do not hesitate to browse through our online collection or tocontact us for guidance.

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