The emerald cut has a long and interesting history. Though this diamond shape shines less than the round brilliant, it gains popularity these days because of its clarity, its vintage factor and its sophisticated look. We can even say that it is becoming one of the most popular diamond shapes, especially set in diamond rings. Fashionable women and celebrities, such as Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston, wear it with pride and elegance. It is time to briefly examine the emerald cut.

What makes the emerald cut so special?

The emerald cut diamond has a rectangular shape with cropped corners, whereby the wide rectangular facets look like a staircase. Since impurities (inclusions) and colours are readily visible, it is important to choose a diamond that is very pure. The emerald cut can safely be called a bit outside, unlike other diamond shapes. Emerald cut diamond rings sparkle not so bright, but that makes them no less beautiful and outstanding. The vintage look and sophisticated appearance create a unique design, which is the reason why this diamond shape is so dashing, especially for trendy women and celebrities.

Emerald cut diamond rings through the years

The original shape is different from the emerald cut diamond that we know now, as well as the appearance of the diamond rings where they are set in. Originally, the emerald cut diamond was used to cut emeralds (hence the name), but soon diamond cutters realized that this cutting method is also suitable to maximize the brilliance of a diamond. Certainly at the time of the Art Deco, the emerald cut diamond was very popular, thanks to its beautiful geometric shape that was worshiped in this period. By modern cutting techniques, the number of impurities is reduced and the present emerald cut diamonds are clearer than their predecessors. Therefore, they can now compete with, for example, the brilliant and the princess cut.

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