Your perfect diamond jewel begins with a suitable cut with its own character and appearance. By using the ideal cut, gemstones also achieve a unique look. The diamond cutter therefore takes into account the proportions and symmetry of the stone. The emerald cut is the classic cut for an emerald, but also works wonderfully for a diamond.

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What characterises the emerald cut?

The emerald cut is a rectangular cut that has slightly less shine than a round brilliant.It has an incredible clarity so you can see every inclusion. The crown of an emerald cut diamond has three concentric rows of facets arranged around the table. Furthermore, on the pavilion you can see three more concentric rows of facets on the bottom part of the gem. The emerald cut is also known as the step cut because the wide planes are reminiscent of the steps of a staircase.
Emerald cut vintage look - The emerald cut has a vintage look with sophisticated allure.

The appearance of the rectangular emerald cut

The emerald cut diamond has a vintage look with a sophisticated allure. An emerald cut diamond often appears larger than it is. This is because the cut creates a larger surface area than other diamonds with the same carat weight. Set in a ring, it makes the fingers look slimmer because the lateral lines continue in the same direction as the fingers.

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An evolution from emerald to diamond

The emerald cut's name is a reference to the traditional cut for an emerald. This type of cut mainly emphasises the clarity of the stone and not so much the brilliance. The diamond cutters later also applied this cut to diamonds. It is similar to the Asscher cut, and thanks to its geometric shape, it was also very popular during the heyday of the Art Deco style. Today, diamond cutters can limit the number of impurities thanks to more advanced cutting techniques. For example, it can compete with a princess cut brilliant, although the effect of the sparkle will always remain a bit different.

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The cut of the emerald cut

With its cut corners and wide stepped facets, the emerald cut is the outsider among the diamond shapes. The classic ratio for an emerald cut diamond is 1.50, but can also vary between 1.3 and 1.6. The higher the ratio, the longer and slimmer the stone will look. Due to its longer surface area, an emerald cut cannot hide the colour of a stone, so every possible colour in the diamond will be visible.
Emerald cut engagement ring - The emerald cut is perfect for your elegant ring.

Well-known jewellery with an emerald cut

With its sophisticated appearance, the emerald cut is a popular shape for engagement rings and jewellery to flaunt. Various celebrities have chosen the emerald cut before you, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Amal Clooney. The following ladies also received a unique jewel with an emerald cut on their finger:

  • Jennifer Lopez: In March 2019, J.Lo got engaged to Alex Rodriguez, thereby receiving a dazzlingly beautiful emerald cut diamond on her hand.

  • Beyoncé: When Jay-Z proposed to his Beyoncé, he did it with a huge 18-carat emerald cut diamond in a fine ring with two bands. Simple and timeless, Lorraine Schwartz's design lets the diamond speak for itself.

  • Mariah Carey: The star has a decidedly extravagant style and it shows in her engagement ring. The pink emerald cut diamond is surrounded by no less than 58 smaller diamonds and two side stones. It is a 17 carat stone designed by Jacob &Co.

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What should you look out for when buying an emerald cut diamond?

Because an emerald cut makes any impurities, inclusions and colours more visible, it is better to choose a clear stone. Also pay extra attention to the colour or the lack thereof, because this will show up strongly in the emerald cut.

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What other types of cut are there?

In addition to the emerald cut, there are many other types of cut. Each cut has its own character and properties. Which shape is the most suitable will depend on the size and proportions of the rough gemstone. These other cuts are the most common:
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