Blue gemstones are found in a variety of royal jewellery, be it the imperial state crown of the British royal family or Princess Diana's iconic engagement ring. Blue stones are also an excellent choice for earrings, making them look very special without appearing too extravagant. Just as suitable for a festive evening invitation as for everyday wear in the office.

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What are the options for blue ear studs and earrings?

If money is no object, the most precious of all blue gemstones is undoubtedly the blue diamond. This rare colour is only found in a few mines worldwide. Especially large stones with a rich and deep blue colour often reach top prices at international auctions. In terms of rarity, blue diamonds are only surpassed by red diamonds, of which only a low six-figure number exist worldwide.

The price is accordingly high, €150,000 for 1.00 carat is not uncommon for particularly beautiful specimens. Unaffordable for most people, but if you are looking for a good investment, ear studs or earrings with blue diamonds are a smart choice. Especially the colours "fancy vivid blue", "fancy intense blue" and "fancy deep blue" are in great demand.
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Far less expensive and still beautiful is the blue sapphire. Especially in combination with colourless diamonds with their sparkle and fire, the deep blue shine of the sapphire is shown to its best advantage. An excellent and at the same time affordable choice for blue stud earrings.

In the lower price segment, there is also the topaz, which appears sky to water blue and is found above all in a variety of antique earrings and stud earrings.

Are there blue precious metals?

Gold comes in different colour variations, from classic yellow gold to modern white gold to romantic rose or red gold, depending on the metals with which the fine gold is mixed during the production of the alloy. Platinum always has a silvery hue.

Blue precious metals do not exist, not even base metals in blue colour. Since it is not possible to mix metals with colour pigments, metals that appear blue are covered with a coating that has little durability.

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