In ancient times and in the Middle Ages, it was predominantly men who wore earrings. They were a status symbol. Later, earrings were considered rather unseemly for men, but all the more so fashionable for women. That was until the trend towards jewellery for men picked up again in the 1960s. Nowadays, it' s quite natural for men to wear jewellery and black stud earrings or earrings in particular express masculinity perfectly. But black is also a very suitable choice for women, noble and at the same time unobtrusive.

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Which earrings suit my type?

The best choice of earrings depends mainly on the type of person. For women, the shape of the face primarily plays a major role, and the length of the hair also influences which earrings look particularly harmonious. There is a wide choice, from small stud earrings to large creoles, minimalist earrings to very elaborate shapes.

For men, rather simple earrings with clear shapes are ideal; black stud earrings are particularly popular. If you are looking for high-quality earrings, the combination of white gold or platinum with one or more black diamonds, for example, is perfect. Such a piece of jewellery not only has real value, but can also be worn in everyday life with any outfit.

For women, earrings are usually worn in pairs, both in the left and right ear. Men can also wear two earrings, but often prefer a single ring or ear stud, which is usually worn on the left ear, due to historical symbolism.
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Why choose black diamonds for earrings

inclusions of graphite in the diamond, which prevents the light from shining through them as it does with colourless diamonds. They are real diamonds that are even rarer than the classic colourless variety.

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The price is nevertheless on the same level as for colourless stones, as they are somewhat less popular than strongly sparkling diamonds. It is precisely this feature, a mystical sparkle, that is their speciality. In combination with bright precious metals such as white gold or platinum, a wonderful contrast is created. To emphasise this even more, they can be combined with colourless diamonds.

For black earrings or ear studs, they are the first choice if you prefer real jewellery with real gemstones. No other gemstone has a similarly dark colour and shines so beautifully at the same time.

What should I look for when buying black earrings?

If you want to buy ear studs or earrings with black diamonds, make sure that the stones are genuinely of natural origin. Since natural black diamonds are more delicate and therefore harder to cut, sometimes  treated diamonds are offered in this colour.

Whether for the engagement ring or for earrings, treated stones usually only have a fraction of the value of untreated diamonds. In the case of treated black diamonds, they are usually rather low-quality stones with strong inclusions that are irradiated. As a result, the colour changes to a very dark greenish, blue hue, which appears black when viewed from the outside.

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