More and more often we see young girls and children walking around with earrings. However, there are several things you should pay attention to when choosing earrings for your daughter. Read all about it here and find the perfect pair of earrings in our collection.

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    From what age can you give earrings to children?

    Increasingly, parents are having their young children pierced. It is also a popular gift for slightly older children, e.g. for communion and spring celebrations. However, there is much to be said about the ideal age for piercing ears. There is no official minimum age, but often jewellers themselves apply an age limit. Some people think that you should only pierce children who can make a conscious choice to do so. That is why earrings are a common gift at communion and spring celebrations. By then, the children are about twelve years old and can make their own choices.

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    How are children fitted with earrings?

    Always choose an experienced jeweller or go to a piercing shop to have your holes pierced by someone with experience. It should always be done hygienically and in a sterile environment. Holes are usually made in each ear, although in young children, two employees may work on both ears at the same time so that the child does not drop out after the first hole. First, the jeweller will disinfect the earlobes  and use a marker to indicate the place where the earring should come. Make sure they are at the right height and symmetrical. Then the jeweller places the earring in the firing unit and push the rod through the earlobe. If your child is old enough to understand what is happening, tell them clearly that it is going to hurt for a while.

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    The idea is that you leave the earrings in until the wound is completely healed.  Only then can you put on other earrings. If necessary, disinfect the wound and rotate the ear stud regularly, but do not remove the earrings unless there is a serious infection.

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    Which earrings do you choose for your daughter?

    For children, always choose earrings  of high-quality and hypoallergenic precious material. Your child should keep these earrings in all the time to prevent the holes from closing again. That's why parents usually choose earrings that don't get in the way when playing or during daily activities.  They are also easy to put on and come in different shapes and sizes.

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    You can safely give gold earrings to children. Gold does not oxidise and rarely causes inflammation. Moreover, earrings for children are not large and therefore the purchase of a pair of gold earrings is not so expensive. You can often choose from all kinds of cute figures.White gold is the most common colour for children, because it is a timeless colour that suits everything. You can also give your daughter diamond earrings, but they are less suitable for daily use. If you do go for diamonds, choose smaller and subtle ones. You can then discuss with your daughter to keep the diamond earrings for special occasions.

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    Also, creoles or rings are often seen with children, often with fine pendants. However, this type of short earrings is better for slightly older children who have already had holes in their ears for a while. It is slightly more difficult to put them on with young children and the holes will close more easily. Pendants are also possible, but make sure that they are not too long so that they cannot get stuck anywhere while playing.

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