Fine jewellery is one of the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day — and for good reason. There is hardly a more beautiful way to express the love and appreciation you feel for your girlfriend or partner than with a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery. Diamond earrings are a particularly good choice.

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Why are earrings a perfect Valentine's Day gift?

Stud earrings with diamonds by BAUNAT, in combination with ring and necklace - Classic diamond stud earrings make a beautiful Valentine's Day gift
Compared to many other pieces of jewellery, ear jewellery is a particularly straight-forward gift. Compared to rings, where the exact size has to be determined, an earring always fits. You don't have to measure anything and can concentrate entirely on the design and the choice of gemstones.

Another advantage: not all women like to wear necklaces or bracelets. A ring could be misunderstood. Even though a marriage proposal on Valentine's Day can be a nice idea — giving a ring could be unintentionally interpreted as a proposal if your beloved is expecting one in the near future.

Valentine's Day earrings for your girlfriend or partner expresses your love and is sure to be appreciated. Something lasting, because even though flowers or chocolates are the classic Valentine's Day gift, both are fleeting. Jewellery is a lasting reminder of a special day.
Last but not least, earrings have a wide price range from inexpensive to absolutely luxurious. No matter what budget you have planned for Valentine's Day, you will definitely find some beautiful earrings that will delight your sweetheart.

Which earrings should I choose for my girlfriend?

There are three key factors that will help you choose the perfect pair of diamond earrings for your girlfriend: her personality, her other jewellery and her face shape. Is she more of an introvert and conservative? Then it's best to go for classic designs, such as solitaire stud earrings with a prong setting. They can be combined with any outfit and match a business suit just as perfectly as a black evening dress. A safe choice and a fine addition to any jewellery collection.

Is she rather extroverted and loves to be the centre of attention? In this case, more unusual shapes — such as playful flower earrings or edgy design earrings — are a brilliant choice. The only exception, however, is if she doesn't wear much jewellery otherwise or doesn't own any earrings at all yet, you should opt for an everyday and versatile classic style instead of an extravagant model.

To find the right precious metal and shape, be sure to venture into your girlfriend's jewellery box, and look at her favourite pieces. She will be delighted if your Valentine's Day gift matches the jewellery she wears often.

Lastly, face shape also plays a certain role in the choice of earrings or studs you buy your girlfriend for Valentine's Day. Don't give too much thought to this point, because at the end of the day, it's what she likes that counts. For round faces with pronounced cheekbones, longer earrings in more angular shapes are ideal. Meanwhile, round, curved designs are perfect for a prominent face.

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Heart-shaped diamond earrings

Round stud earrings from BAUNAT for your girlfriend - Give your girlfriend diamond stud earrings for Valentine's Day
Are you looking for a piece of jewellery that expresses your love? Then give your girlfriend earrings in the shape of a heart. Such a gift is not only highly romantic, the heart-shaped diamond cut is one of the most complex and rarest cuts for diamonds and shows that you have particularly exquisite taste. You will not find this shape in a jeweller's standard range. Normally, earrings or stud earrings with a heart-shaped diamond are tailor-made.
An alternative are heart-shaped earrings, where the precious metal has the shape of a heart and is set with small diamonds, usually brilliant-cut diamonds.
Are you interested in giving your girlfriend diamond earrings this Valentine's Day? Would you like to have some advice on choosing your ear jewellery? The BAUNAT team is always at your disposal, get in touch.
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