The trends in fashion and jewellery do not stand still. This year, there are again a lot of novelties in the world of jewelry and earrings. We are happy to pour the best earring trends for 2021 for you in a handy overview.

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1. Diamonds and gemstones

Gemstones have been used in jewellery for centuries, but recently they have also become more and more common in earrings. You can find them in different cuts and colours, but especially the  sapphire  is very trendy in 2021. The  bright blue gemstone adds a playful touch to your outfit and can be combined with  yellow gold,  white gold or platinum according to your preference.


Pendants are a type of  earrings that can be worn in different lengths and shapes.  You can opt for short, simple pendant or even pendants that come up to your shoulders. New this year are the large, eye-catching chain earrings. These earrings exist both with coarse links and with rather fine and subtle links. You do a lot of things with them. Furthermore, the charms have also returned. Feel free to dive into your jewellery case and combine everything that is hanging with charms and with each other. They are not only omnipresent in earrings, but also in necklaces and bracelets.

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3.Statement earrings

In the statement earrings category, we also see new, striking trends every year. In 2021 you will be wearing large yellow gold or silver earrings as a statement. You can also combine this trend with the gemstone trend and choose beautiful, large earrings with sapphire. 

In addition, this year we also see the so-called "pull-through earrings". These are very long, fine earrings that you pull through your earring hole, allowing you to play with the length of the earring on the front or back. These earrings are usually available in gold or silver and you can choose to have a pearl or gemstone added at one of the ends.

A special event is an ideal opportunity to make a fashion statement with a pair of eye-catching diamond earrings. For example, opt for a pair of asymmetrical earrings to attract attention. Pay attention to weddings, for example. Check the theme and the dress code carefully and bear in mind that the bride may not appreciate it if you get too much attention.

4.Minimalist earrings

Minimalist earrings have been an integral part of the street scene for years. Within this category, too, trends are rapidly following. If you want to be totally on board this year, you better go for an 'ear party'. That is combining different  stud earrings  in multiple holes in the same ear. You can mix and match shapes, colours and gemstones to your heart's content. This is a type of earring for which you do not need holes. It is a clip that you slide over your ear in a spot of your choice. They are usually found in gold or silver and in a simple design.

These tips will keep you up to date with the latest trends. For the perfect pair of earrings, check out the extensive offer at our website and discover our collections of diamond earrings. Or make an  appointment in our showroom and come admire the jewels in person.
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