When it comes to diamonds, most people think of colourless diamonds at first. However, these gemstones also come in many other colours - from yellow and brown to pink, green, blue and red. Discover 100% naturally coloured diamonds, also called fancy diamonds, in the colour yellow.

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What makes yellow diamonds special?

Genuineyellow diamondsare not to be confused with yellow tints in the colour scale for colourless diamonds, there is anoverlaponly in the range of veryslightly yellowish stones. Yellow "fancies" get their strong yellow colour from theinclusion of nitrogenin the crystal lattice of the diamond. This absorbs the blue and violet areas of the light spectrum, which in turn leads topredominantly yellow light being reflected.

Yellow is one of the most common colours in coloured diamonds, yet yellow diamonds arerarer than their colourless counterparts. The price of earrings with yellow diamonds varies and is roughly on a par with ear jewellery with colourless diamonds. Very light yellow tones are sometimes cheaper than the colourless representatives, strong yellow tones are more expensive.
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The hue of diamonds in higher colour grades is strongly reminiscent of theplumage of canaries, which has also given these stones the nickname "Canary Diamonds"

From a financial point of view, earrings or ear studs set with yellow diamonds are also interesting, as they are very much in demand. Especially when it comes to high-quality stones of exceptional grade, demand has long exceeded supply, which makes these remarkable gemstones an excellent and stable financial investment.

What types of yellow earrings are there?

You can combine yellow diamonds with different shades of gold such as yellow gold, white gold or red gold. An alternative to white gold is platinum, which is hypoallergenic, especially for people with sensitive earlobes.

The combination of a single yellow diamond for ear studs in yellow gold - the classic solitaire ear stud - or in combination with a halo of colourless diamonds is popular. For a contrast between gemstone and setting, choose white gold or platinum. If you prefer a tone-on-tone look, yellow gold with a yellow diamond is the ideal choice.

Many small yellow diamonds also look wonderful in bar earrings or creoles in which the stones are set in one or more rows. The designs and possibilities are almost endless - if you have a specific idea of what you want your earrings to look like or have discovered an interesting design, a tailor-made design is a great option.

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What other yellow gemstones are used for earrings?

The selection of gemstones and semi-precious stones in yellow is relatively large. In terms of hardness and beauty, the yellow sapphire from the group of corundum minerals - which also includes the red ruby - comes closest to a diamond.

In the colour yellow there are also the citrine, the topaz, the beryl as gold beryl or the lighter chrysoberyl as well as the precious beryl. These stones look very precious set in earrings - the only thing they lack is the unique fire and sparkle that characterises diamonds in particular.

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