Have you ever considered visiting Antwerp for a citytrip or longer? Well now is the time as we are going to highlight the top locations to visit, what to do, including of course the must-see diamond district and Antwerpdiamonds.

Antwerp is known for its harbour, its fashion designers, its art and architecture, but more importantly its diamonds. It is a beautiful city located north east of Belgium, it is easy to access.

So what is there to do and see in Antwerp?

For those of you who have a cultural heart

Central Station: it is a must see for its amazing architecture and the span of its metal glass roof and the way the platforms have been organised. It has been declared by Newsweek, as one of the top 5 most beautiful stations worldwide.

Our dear Lady Cathedral: an architectural masterpiece that took aver 160 years to build in the 14th and 15th century. It houses astonishing art work by world renowned artist Pieter Paul Rubens. You cannot leave Antwerp without having seen it.

The House of Rubens: Indeed, you can literally visit the house where the artist lived with his family for over 25 years. It is located in the city centre and boasts a charming garden. You will be able to see the artist’s workshop and art collection.

Paleis op de Meir: This 18thcentury historical monument has changed names very often as well as residents, but it remains an important piece of architecture situated in one of the busiest streets of Antwerp, which takes us to the following section.

For the fashionistas

The Meir: the ultimate shopping experience. For all the fashionistas alike, you can find it all on the Meir, from fast fashion, to middle brands and luxury houses. The very wide and long car-free shopping street that takes you all the way from the Central station to the Grote Markt.

For the diamond lovers

Antwerp Diamond district: the Antwerp diamond district is located just outside the Central station.

You can visit the Antwerp World Diamond Centre and walk the Diamond Square Mile. But the best way to visit is probably through the guided tour which explains in detail the downfall and resurrection of the Antwerpdiamonds industry in the 19th century.

MAS: The Museum aan de Stroom is a piece of art in itself with its tower of 60 meters that has changed the Antwerp skyline. Through the work of contemporary artists, it shares the story of Antwerp with the rest of the world. More importantly, the MAS, in conjunction with the Antwerp World Diamond Center, and the Province of Antwerp Diamond Museum, they have created the Diamond Pavillion. There you can find everything you should know about the rich history and the economic importance of Antwerpdiamonds and their trade.


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