Your wedding is one of the most beautiful days in your life. Anyway, the punctual organization of a wedding-party is a tough job. To make things more structured, you can fortunately make use of a lot of great apps to simplify your preparation.

Especially for you, we selected some handy apps for a carefree marriage preparation and a perfect wedding. These online applications for smartphones and tablets are available at the AppStore and Google Play. Make it easier for you and let assist you by these online apps!     

1. Cozi

Miss never yet an appointment with the tailor or the printing office due to this handy Cozi calendar app. With this tool, you can share an online calendar with your fiancée. You can also share a ‘to do’ list, so that no details of your wedding slip through the meshes of the net.

2. Mint

With this app, you never lose sight of your wedding budget. Through a visual interface, you can easily verify your expenses for different categories. You can also set up alerts to keep an eye on your budget. Does the huge wedding cake cost too much? You will know it immediately. 

3. LiveLens

Do you have friends or family members who cannot be physically present at your wedding? Then, you can still make use of the LiveLens application. This app allows you to stream your marriage live through a smartphone or a tablet. They don’t have to miss anything of your wedding. There are no time limits, so you can broadcast your whole wedding party.

4. Spotify

Is your budget for a real wedding DJ rather small? Then, you can make use of free alternatives. With Spotify, you can easily compose a play list and complement it to the sound installation. You don’t want to determine the music all by yourself? Ask some friends and use them as occasional DJ. Fun guaranteed!

5. Babbelbox

Do you find a classic guest book too old-fashioned? Well, try Babbelbox, an amusing video application for tablets. Lay down your tablet during the wedding party at a quiet place and let your guests record a personal message. This app will deliver you unforgettable images.

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