• Diamonds have been a regular feature in myths and legends for thousands of years
  • People have always regarded diamonds as something very special

As long as anyone can remember diamonds have been a source of fascination because of their captivating beauty and rarity and have been the cause of various myths and legends. The first diamonds were discovered long before our time, probably around 3500 BC, and even then, they were a sign of wealth, strength, power and love. However, it was not until much later that ways were found to perfectly cut diamonds for them to shine with the brilliance we know today.


Ancient Egyptian images show diamonds as the centrepiece of the ankh, the cross-like symbol with a closed oval at the top, which was the symbol for life. At that time, the diamond stood for light and the sun, the source of all life. Even today the ankh is a very popular symbol for pendants, for instance, in the form of a diamond necklace.

Ancient Rome and Greece

In ancient times, Greeks and Romans did not regard diamonds as precious stones; they were seen as tears of the gods or fragments of stars that had fallen from the sky. A supernatural symbol, the work of the gods on earth. In line with this, ownership outside temples was reserved only for the richest and most powerful. Even the arrow of Cupid, who could make anyone fall hopelessly in love, is said to have been made of diamond.

Diamonds were also worked into armour or worn as chains, so the divine powers within them could pass to the wearer and make him invincible in battle. References to these supposedly magical abilities extend as far back as the European Middle Ages.

Ancient India

In ancient India, the diamond was the ideal defence against all evil; the sparkle would simply reflect it. Along the same lines as the Roman and Greek ideas, diamonds were said to make the wearer invincible and also attract lightning to fill the wearer with divine strength.

European Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, which were strongly marked by superstition, diamonds were especially credited with having a healing effect; they were regarded as a miracle cure for every conceivable illness and infection. They were applied or taken in powder form. The latter even indirectly caused the downfall of a Pope, Giulio de Medici, better known as Clement the Seventh. According to the story, he took a remedy based on finely crushed diamonds and died unexpectedly just a few days after taking it. However, not because of the precious stones; based on today’s sources and analyses, modern research assumes that the remedy was mixed with mushrooms and that he was simply poisoned. However, the reputation as a remedy was destroyed forever.

Modern times

Modern research and science have disproved many of the myths and legends from the past; nevertheless, diamonds today are not only an excellent investment, they also provide their wearer with a certain grace like no other gemstone can. Regardless of whether a diamond necklace, ring or bracelet, diamond jewellery the ideal gift to prove your love to your wife. At the same time, they are a symbol of social status and exquisite taste, just as they were thousands of years ago.

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