Diamonds and Antwerp go together for many centuries. For more than 500 years, the city is known as the diamond capital of the world. The diamond district is near Antwerp Central station, just 3 blocks wide and one of the safest neighborhoods of Antwerp. Here you will find hundreds small and large firms trading in rough and cut diamonds. You will find us here as well. Let us take a look at this very special neighborhood.

Safety first

Are you planning to sell diamonds in Antwerp, you have to visit the diamond district. Most buildings have strict access controls. These buildings are basically only accessible to diamantairs and staff. Private clients are only admitted on invitation. So have no fear, the neighborhood is dominated by security camera´s. Yet this is something you have to get used to it when walking around in the diamond district for the first time. Safety first!


Cut diamonds are traded in Antwerp via the Antwerp Diamond Bourse and the diamantclub. The Antwerpsche diamantkring also trades in rough diamonds. These are the 3 most important buildings in the neighborhood. No architectural gems, but clearly present in the streets. Here you will also find 2 large diamond laboratories. Both IGI as well as HRD have their headquarters in the Antwerp diamond district. Both are international recognized certificates and together with GIA considered as the most reliable diamond laboratories in the world. Of course a synagogue cannot be missed, since the Antwerp diamond world is dominated by the Jewish community. In the streets around the district you will find lots of jewelers. Which are often mistaken for diamantairs.

To get more publicity for the diamond district amongst the public, the city organizes daily tours. This way you will for example get to know why diamonds are so important for Antwerp.

One of our showrooms is situated in the Antwerp diamond district. If you would like to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us.

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