Whether you wish to make a statement or if it is simply for the fun of it: you can always wear diamonds. Do you wish to receive many admiring looks and complements with a stunning piece of diamond jewellery, for instance when you are a guest at an exclusive event or you are getting married? Then a diamond tiara is a good and unique choice. 


What is a tiara?

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The tiara was originally a high crown made from leather or another textile and was worn by the kings and emperors in ancient Mesopotamia. Nowadays, tiaras are small crowns or diadems with or without diamonds that are worn by women at their wedding for instance.

Popes also wear tiaras. And although a few can still be found in the pontifical treasury, unfortunately many papal tiaras were lost during the French occupation of Rome. In Britain too, it is a common piece of jewellery.

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In the past, who had the right to wear a tiara?

With the rise of the nobility, tiaras were a prized object for displaying power and status. Who else was allowed to buy and wear tiaras with diamonds at that time?
Diamond tiaras are no longer just reserved for the nobility
In the past, buying diamonds was therefore mainly restricted to the nobility. At that time, only noblewomen wore tiaras on special occasions. Wearing a tiara was not even permitted for young single ladies. A noblewoman was given her first tiara on the occasion of her wedding. This beautiful piece of jewellery was property of her own family.

At the time of Napoleon, wearing a tiara gained much in popularity. He wanted to increase his standing and that of his court with diamond jewellery. During his coronation, the most important female guests therefore all wore tiaras.

How and when is a tiara worn nowadays?

When you wish to buy jewellery with diamonds, you will not immediately think of a tiara for your jewellery collection. Nevertheless, the tiara is now considered as a symbol of femininity and beauty. Just think of the many beauty competitions where the winners are crowned with a tiara.

The diamond tiara is also becoming more popular again as bridal jewellery, especially when the bride wears a veil as well.
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A diamond tiara or a hairband?

The fashion world has been crazy about the vintage trend for some time, especially for a wedding. Which explains the rising popularity of hairbands. It has been inevitable for some time, certainly after the success of the film The Great Gatsby. Headbands with a Twenties touch are trendier than ever. However, the somewhat more romantic versions from the Golden Sixties never really went out of fashion. If you want everything to be a bit more luxurious and more exclusive, you can have the headband encrusted with diamonds, the perfect alternative to the classic diamond tiara.

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Where can you buy a diamond tiara?

Nowadays, it is very easy to buy a tiara online, however, it is important to know for sure that you are buying a tiara of the right quality. Buying a tiara is always a special purchase, so when you decide to buy a tiara, do not rush and carefully consider the various possibilities.

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A diamond tiara is a lovely piece for your jewellery collection. It is completely fashionable again to wear, certainly for a vintage look on your wedding day. But what other pieces do you still need to complete your wedding outfit or to supplement your jewellery collection? Find out below.
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