We will talk about the overall symmetry of a diamond and its importance in the appearance but also the diamond’s price.

The Symmetry of diamonds

In a diamond, symmetry and polish go together when evaluating the final cut grade of a diamond.

Symmetry is crucial for a diamonds appearance, it refers to the exact arrangement and the perfect placement of the facets on the diamond.

It can be subdivided into two types of features: the facet related and the proportion related features.

Based on the GIA grading system, there are 5 symmetry categories. These are usually defined by using either a 10x magnification loupe or a microscope using the dark field illumination to facilitate the viewing of the features.

The 5 categories are Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor. The Excellent grade is obtained when there are no symmetry issues or they are so minute that they can hardly be seen face-up when using a 10x magnification loupe. Poor on the other hand is the lowest grade and obviously your diamond isn’t going to look harmonious and even with the naked eye. It includes for example, distortions of the facets, out-of-round outline, off-centered culet or table.

The facet related features that can be found on a polished diamond

If the symmetry problem is facet related, that means that the diamond may present the following features, and depending on the number, size and how visible these features are, they can clearly modify the overall cut grade.

You can have an extra or a missing facet, there can be a natural that may cause an out of round girdle outline, there can be misalignment or a non octagonal table for instance.

The proportion related features

The features that affect the cut grade and overall appearance of the diamond that are related to proportion can be stronger and can dramatically change the diamond’s price.

The features can include for example angle variations at the crown or pavilion, variations of the girdle thickness or it can look wavy, the cult or the table can be off centre or not parallel to one another. All of these features can really lower the cut grade of a diamond.

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