Every woman has her personal favourites. Favourite handbag, favourite pair of shoes and of course the famous favourite black dress. But in terms of jewellery, it seems that there are many favourites as women have always loved jewellery and will continue doing so for a very long time.

But what are the three timeless essential diamond pieces that every woman should have in her jewellery box?

  • Diamond studs
  • Diamond solitaire pendant
  • Tennis bracelet

Diamond studs

The first essential you should have in your jewellery box is diamond stud earrings.

Diamond studs are quite simple in design but have maximum effect. They are made of one round or square diamond that are each usually set in prongs on studs. The result is a lot of brilliance and fire as the setting allows for all the attention to be on the diamonds instead of the earrings.

These simple yet elegant earrings are timeless because they are very versatile. Diamond studs can be worn daily with a shirt and jeans as well as for special occasions when you need to dress-up. Furthermore, they are ageless and could be worn throughout your life.

Diamond solitaire pendant

The diamond solitaire pendant is another essential that you should have, for similar reasons to those of diamond studs. A diamond pendant offers elegance, versatility and can also be worn every day for the rest of your life.

Diamond pendants are usually also solitaire diamonds that are set in prongs or a bezel for a subtle result. The pendant can be dangling on the necklace or it can be attached to the chain, both really make it look quite discreet and graceful.

Tennis bracelet

The third essential is the famous tennis bracelet. It is a bracelet that is made of a multitude of diamonds that are set in line, one after the other all around. The particularity of the tennis bracelet is that it is not a rigid bracelet, it is mobile which gives it an even more special aura.

The tennis bracelet unlike the other two essentials, the diamond studs and pendant, is not as much a piece of jewellery that can be worn daily because it is a little more ostentatious. But it is absolutely perfect for those extra special occasions such as the holiday celebrations or birthdays to add that glamourous touch to your outfit.

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