Once October arrives, it is again time to watch the trends for next year. In the land of jewellery, this is no different. Diamond rings are still one of the most popular jewels. Not only are they bought as engagement rings, women also love to buy them for themselves or they receive it as a present from their partner, on the occasion of a wedding anniversary or simply as a birthday gift. And even if you love timeless diamond rings, they still evolve with the times. Let us take a closer look at the principal trends for the year of 2017: 

Unique designs

Apart from flowers and other natural elements, geometric designs too are on a come-back. Next year, Art Nouveau and Art Deco go hand in hand. This in itself is unique. Diamond rings can be frivolous and romantic as well as clean and minimalistic. If you really want a unique design, you can always choose to have your ring tailor-made, for example with us.

Coloured diamonds and/or precious stones

Coloured diamonds have been popular for a little while now, as well as the (more affordable) coloured precious stones. Diamond rings can be colourful again. By opting for different colours you get a truly extravagant ring. However, you can also decide upon one colour and have it encircled by colourless or white diamonds. This will make your ring appear more timeless and less busy. The possibilities are truly endless.

Playful diamond cuts

The time that women opted exclusively for the classic diamond cuts, such as the brilliant and the princess cut has ended. Extravagant and playful cuts, for example: pear-shaped diamonds, the oval diamond etc., but also the Asscher and emerald cut are gaining popularity fast. We recommend choosing a diamond cut that truly suits your personality.

Different precious metals

Mixing and matching different precious metals is fun. You can create a unique look again and again. We increasingly see diamond rings being fashioned from a combination of different precious metals. Yellow with white gold, platinum with red gold etc., there are sufficient possibilities.

We from BAUNAT have an extensive collection of diamond rings. Are you interested in or do you have question regarding one of our models, do not hesitate to contact us.

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