• Women often don’t want to wear their diamond rings, because they are afraid that they might get damaged.
  • However, all models of BAUNAT can shine forever, if you treat them with care.
  • Did you still not find a beautiful diamond ring? At BAUNAT, we have an extensive collection.

Women love to wear diamond rings, but most of the time they just keep them safely stored in their jewellery box. They are afraid that they will get damaged or lost. It is indeed not easy to wear your rings at each daily activity. Some caution is certainly needed, but we are convinced that a diamond ring is too brilliant to not wear it. However, if you’re not really at ease, there are a few rings with diamonds that feel very comfortable. We give you some extra information about these three models:

The eternity ring

The beautiful eternity ring is considered to be the symbol of eternal love. The most popular form is a ring in white gold or platinum which is fully set with white or colourless diamonds. The fact that the diamonds are set in the ring frame, makes the eternity ring perfect for everyday wear.

A bezel setting

A bezel setting is very easy to recognize. The central diamond is in fact completely surrounded by a precious metal. It’s the perfect engagement ring for the active woman.

The solitaire ring

When you think of a ring with a central diamond, you’ll probably immediately think of the solitaire ring. Everyone is familiar with this classic model wherein the diamond is set securely in place by the prongs (usually 4 or 6). Men most often choose a solitaire ring to ask their beloved to marry them, and this is the perfect choice! It is the ideal diamond ring for those with an active lifestyle, but who still want to show off an outstanding diamond ring.

Are you looking for a beautiful diamond ring? Make sure to take a look at our extensive collection of diamond rings. Also customization is possible. If you are interested in a particular model, or if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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