The days when jewellery was worn by women alone are well and truly behind us. Many men wear rings or other sparkling accessories nowadays. Whether, as a man, you are looking for a macho ring or a more elegant one, your outfit will look all the classier for it. Women buy rings for men now too. Read the tips and trends to help you buy the right ring and say goodbye to any doubts you might have about wearing jewellery.

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This is how to buy a ring for him

Man with an 18 carat gold men's ring - BAUNAT
When it comes to jewellery, men have been playing catch up for quite some time. Appearances can really matter to men too, certainly within a professional context. Many successful professionals skillfully complement their outfit with subtle details. And it pays off too: research shows that competent people with the wrong look miss out on many opportunities during their career. Formal and casual are both acceptable business dress codes nowadays. So grab every chance you can to select the right accessories for your professional outfit.

Jewellery specific to men  highlights their positive character traits. Find out what they can do for you here.

Which precious metal to choose?

The first thing to do when selecting jewellery is to choose your precious metal. At BAUNAT you have the choice between platinum and different colours of gold. The precious metal you decide on, and especially its colour, depends on the look you're aiming for, as well as your skin tone.

Do you have a cool skin tone or are you aiming for a more modern look? If so, choose platinum of white gold . If you have a warmer skin tone, we recommend you opt for yellow gold. For men who are really into vintage, there is also red gold that complements this look really well.

Practical diamond rings for men

Would you like a diamond ring? If so, take some time thinking about your preferred diamond setting. Your choice may vary depending on your lifestyle and working environment. For jobs that entail a lot of manual work, we recommend a pavé or channel setting. This minimises the likelihood of losing your diamond.
A tension set ring is perfectly alright within a professional environment

Ring types for men

Er bestaat een uitgebreide keuze van ringen voor mannen. Kies er dus een die bij uw persoonlijkheid en levensstijl past.
A ring is just one example of gold jewellery for men - BAUNAT

Gold rings for men

Would you prefer to keep things simple, without too much sparkle? If so, opt for a simple gold ring. A milgrain finish, for example, can add that special touch to this classic, timeless item of jewellery.

There is a range of styles to choose from in many shades of gold:

  • White gold: a man's ring in white gold looks very contemporary and sleek
  • Yellow gold: yellow gold rings are classic and elegant
  • Red gold: those who opt for red gold add a vintage touch to their outfit

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A white gold ring for him set with diamonds - BAUNAT

Diamond rings for men

Wearing diamonds is no longer taboo for men. They are easy to combine with a white gold ring, such as this one. As the diamonds are set into the ring it is also safe to wear this ring whilst undertaking manual work, for example.

Opt for a diamond ring if you are looking to go that extra mile. See it is a great investment, one that you can hand down as a legacy to your son.

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Large stone men's rings - BAUNAT

A black diamond ring

Are colourless diamonds not macho enough for you? BAUNAT also offers the option of black diamonds in your ring. A black wedding ring is a masculine men's ring that is easy to combine with other pieces and has that extra edge.

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Buying a man's engagement ring

Why should engagement rings be just for women? If you propose to your boyfriend, you'll need an engagement ring, naturally. You could choose black stones in an eternity ring for a truly special statement.
A man can also be given a ring when he gets engaged
If you're not entirely convinced about the idea of a ring, a watch also makes for a great engagement gift.

Wedding rings for men

Most men choose yellow gold rings without diamonds as their wedding ring. This is a simple, elegant option. It can, however, have some precious stones added to it, of course. In this way it can match your wife's ring.

Read more about wedding rings for men

Relationship rings and matching rings

One unique way of expressing your love for one another is to wear matching rings. For example, matching wedding rings or a stunning gold ring you present each other with on a special anniversary.

Besides relationship rings for couples, you can also get them for friends. Friendship rings for men are often simple rings that underscore the bond between the men. They needn't necessarily be made of gold; friendship rings are often made of titanium or steel.

Male celebrities who wear striking rings

Elvis Presley was renowned for his jewellery – BAUNAT
The King of rock ‘n roll, Elvis Presley, was a big fan of all kinds of jewellery. He often wore yellow gold jewellery with precious stones, and he frequently had to buy his favourite pieces again as he gave them away to friends. Legendary Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards, is never seen without his skull ring. The ring is so incredibly popular among other men, the demand for replicas is immense. Engagement rings are also worn with considerable allure by famous men, such as Johnny Depp.
Undeniably, the most popular jewellery for men are rings. According to the New York Times, they make up 1/3 of the total share of men's jewellery sold every year, which equates to nearly 2/3 of the total growth within the jewellery for men sector. Necklaces and lockets follow in second place.

Rings can form a stylish addition to nigh on any men's outfit. Do you prefer to be suited and booted in modern, tailored suits? If so, a sleek platinum design will be the perfect addition. Or, would you rather have a large, striking ring on your hand? If so, select one with sparkling diamonds. Be sure the ring you choose matches your outfit.

Which hand do men wear their ring on?

A macho man wears his ring on his left hand - BAUNAT
It doesn't really matter which hand a man wears his ring on. This is certainly the case with everyday rings. Your wedding ring, however, does belong on your left hand, depending on your culture's wedding etiquette.

Which finger do men wear their ring on?

In days gone by signet rings were mostly worn on the little finger, and this trend can be found back nowadays among men who like to uphold traditions. In the 19th and 20th centuries, mafia members also wore a ring on their little finger and had a long fingernail on this finger too. This was a sign of prosperity, as it showed they didn't have to carry out manual work. Wearing a ring on your little finger no longer conveys a secret message in the 21st century. On the contrary, it signifies a touch of class, or indeed a rebellious streak.
As standard, a signet ring is worn on the little finger
Another way of standing out when wearing a striking piece of men's jewellery, is to opt for a men's ring on your thumb. It shows you wish to stand out from the crowd. This statement dates back to ancient times when the Romans and Greeks gave significance to every finger. As you have probably already guessed, a man wearing a ring on his ring finger is deemed to be loving and committed. Which is why the wedding ring is often worn on that finger.

Combine your ring with other accessories

Men wear jewellery too. But which accessories do men prefer to receive as a gift: a bracelet, a ring, cufflinks, or a tie pin ...? Jewellery chosen with care can lend even the most stylish of men extra cachet. But, of course, men shirk excess. So, keep your choice simple yet elegant.

You can achieve this by choosing the same colour precious metal in all your accessories, such as your ring, bracelet and cufflinks. Are you opting for a statement piece? If so, wear other neutral jewellery that doesn't detract.

Other jewellery for men

There are plenty of other jewellery pieces a man can wear besides rings. Here we provide a summary, along with a brief description of each.
Watches are jewellery for men - BAUNAT

Men's watches

Watches are an important jewellery piece for men. If anything is easy to wear, it's a watch. They are timeless, exceptionally elegant and look good on any man.

At BAUNAT there are two types of watches to choose from: quartz and mechanical. Which appeals to you?

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Cufflinks add an extra dimension to your suit - BAUNAT

Men's cufflinks

A businessman likes to look his best for the day ahead. One discrete detail that typifies a true gentleman are cufflinks . They can be worn with your business suit, or for a special occasion. Not all shirts however are suited to cufflinks. They are mostly worn in shirts that have special buttonholes on the sleeves. They keep the cufflinks (sleeve ends) in place, finishing off the outfit nicely.

Nowadays the range of cufflinks to be found is nigh on endless: set with integrated diamonds or precious stones, finished in different precious metals, colours and styles .... An engraving of a symbol or initials adds the finishing touch.

Tie pins for men

A tie pin holds the back of the tie in place. Here too, you will find an endless choice of colours and materials. Steel, silver and gold are the most popular. A money clip is slightly less discreet, which is precisely why not all men like them. It holds bank notes and credit cards for those who do not use a wallet. Slightly old school perhaps, but a money clip does shout elegance and class.

Bracelets for men

Increasingly, men feel perfectly at ease with a gold bracelet around their wrist. A simple design with white gold or yellow gold links, such as can be seen on the popular figaro, or chain bracelets, creates an elegant look. Men who love the luxurious, opt for a diamond bracelet. The sparkling tennis bracelet is also all the rage. A beautiful piece of jewellery and a smart investment in one. If a bracelet isn't for you, there is always a timeless watch, which can be set with diamonds or not.

Where to buy a diamond ring?

For quite some time now, over recent decades, we can safely say that men's jewellery has mainly comprised a watch, wedding ring and possibly, a signet ring.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd, or are you looking for the perfect ring for a man? Design your own tailor made jewellery together with BAUNAT, or let our experts know which jewellery is speaking out to you and ask for more details.

Other rings with special meaning

One thing we are now certain of, men can wear rings. Would you like to buy matching rings or do you need some inspi:ration for a ring for your wife? Find out more below:
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