Although diamond engagement rings have been the most popular form for decades, bright and sunny gemstones have conquered a place of their own when it comes to engagements. Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and aplethora of royalty all tied the knot with a lustrous gemstone around their finger. So should I pick a diamond or gemstone engagement ring?

  • Why would I choose a gemstone for her ring?
  • Which gemstones are best suited for engagement rings?
  • What advantages do diamonds have over gems?

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Gemstone vs Diamond Engagement Ring: Why Choose a Gemstone For Her Ring?

Gemstones transform any engagement ring into a deeply personal and unique piece. They allow you to choose a ring with its own specific personality that is easily tailored for your partner’s personal taste. Coloured gems might seem like an unusual and bold choice but have been in fashion for decades.The most famous engagement rings became so because of their unique nature, which has often been attributed to the bright colour of the central stone. Moreover, coloured gemstones are not only highly popular because of their distinctive auras, but most of them also carrysymbolic meaning.

Does your spouse-to-be prefer bolder choices? Are they often seen wearing colourful jewellery or outfits? Do they prefer heavy symbolism over the perfect look? Then a gemstone engagement ring is exactly what you are looking for.

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Gemstone, Sapphire or Diamond Engagement Ring: Which Gemstones Are Best?

Although gemstones are a rich addition for many engagement rings, take care to choose them wisely. Some gems last longer than others and for a ring so special the right stone should last a lifetime.Sapphire, emerald and ruby are best suited for qualitative and valuable rings meant to be worn daily. They are strong and less likely to chip, crack or break than other, weaker gems. Although other gems can be a great addition to diamond jewellery of all sorts, they might not be entirely suited for an engagement ring meant to be worn every day.

Combining coloured gemstones with diamonds, for instance in asapphire and diamond trilogy ring, makes the coloured gem stand out even more. The additional sparkle of diamonds to the side creates a luminous effect and provides the best of both worlds.

Diamond or Gemstone Engagement Ring: What Advantages Do Diamonds Have Over Gems?

Although emeralds, rubies and sapphires are quite sturdy, no gemstone is more durable than diamond. They are just about the hardest natural material in the world, making them ideal for those engagement rings meant to be worn every day. Combined withhigh-quality precious metals they form a nigh-indestructible piece of timeless jewellery to last a lifetime. Although diamonds might appear to be a quite traditional choice, they are set in a wide variety of styles and looks. Moreover, a colourless diamond is the most versatile choice you could make for a ring and suits every occasion and style. Their timeless nature makes them the perfect choice for anyone doubting how well they know their partner’s taste.

Where can I find the perfect gemstones or diamond engagement ring? How can I be sure she will love the ring I picked for her? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for your perfect engagement ring.

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