Diamonds have been used in jewellery for thousands of years, so it is safe to say that diamonds are here to stay. However, you might not know the history behind wearing diamond necklaces or the best place to go if you are looking to buy your own diamond necklace or pendant in London. BAUNAT has gathered all the information on diamond necklaces to aid you in your quest to buy your own in the Big Smoke.


A brief history of diamond necklaces

Necklaces in their most basic form date back to prehistoric times. During this period, they were made out of wood, stones, bones and shells, and used as a form of decoration.

In terms of diamonds, Alexander the Great was the first to bring diamonds over from India to Europe in 327 BC. Nevertheless, it was not until 1047 AD that they were first used in jewellery. As diamond cutting had not yet been invented, jewellers only used whole, natural diamonds, and, shockingly, many were discarded if they were imperfect.

When the Point Cut was invented in the 14th century, diamonds could be cut into various shapes, and the use of diamonds in jewellery completely evolved. In 1477, the first diamond engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy.

With regard to diamond necklaces, they were first worn in Ancient Rome. During the Dark Ages, diamonds were often added to necklaces, as they believed they had medicinal properties. During the Mediaeval era and Renaissance, it was popular for both men and women to wear diamond necklaces, thanks to the lower necklines of the day’s fashions. In the 17th century, more delicate, subtle styles were favoured, such as the choker. By the 1700s, diamond pendants became very popular. Finally, in the modern era, there are many styles available to suit everyone’s individual tastes.
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Where to buy diamond necklaces in London?

There are, of course, many options of places to buy diamond necklaces and pendants in London. Generally, the best luxury jewellers in London can be found north of the River Thames in the Mayfair area. This cosmopolitan area is full of great options. However, our favourite has to be…

BAUNAT London Showroom

The BAUNAT London Showroom, also located in Mayfair, is the perfect place to buy your diamond necklace or pendant in London. Available only by appointment, you will receive individual assistance in a relaxed atmosphere. Our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you choose the perfect item of jewellery for you or your loved one.

Still not sure where or what to buy? Why not try browsing our extensive collection of diamond necklaces online from the comfort of your own home? Additionally, you can reach out to our jewellery experts
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