Haven’t we all one day, dreamt of wearing the fabulous jewellery that can be seen in movies or on the red carpet worn by celebrities?

Actresses and celebrities have the opportunity of literally wearing pieces of art, that you wouldn’t even be able to see in a jewellery window.

We have selected here for you, 3 absolute classics that were worn by famous actresses in movies. 

  • Nicole Kidman’s diamond necklace in ‘’Moulin Rouge’’

This splendid necklace could not go unseen. It has been created by Stefano Canturi, it weighs 134 carats and boasts more than a 1000 diamonds. It was estimated at $ 1 million. The necklace was actually inspired by the Louis XVI times, as it is a detailed work of fine lace patterns and dangling diamonds. In the movie, the necklace is a gift from a rich Duke to a beautiful courtesan which is played by Nicole Kidman.

BAUNAT offers a diamondnecklace which is as refined and elegant as this one, only a little more discreet. It is set with a total of 5.85 carats of small round and marquise shaped diamonds, forming a romantic design.

  • Marilyn Monroe’s breath-taking diamond necklace in ‘’Gentlemen prefer blondes’’

This extraordinary necklace, called Moon of Baroda, belonged to the Maharadja of Baroda in India until the 18th century. It then belonged to different people until it was bought by Meyer Rosenbaum who lent it to Marilyn for the movie ‘’Gentlemen prefer Blondes’’. It is now in a private collection after it was sold at auction in 1991. It features a 24.04 carat pear-shaped yellow canary diamond.

BAUNAT has a stunning ring in its designer collection that could very well match this diamondnecklace. It is the ring part of the Nathu collection which features a total of 2.50 carats of round diamonds set in a design inspired by the abstraction of plant’s decorative movements and shapes.

  • Audrey Hepburn’s pearl and diamond neklace in ‘’Breakfast at Tiffany’s’’

Accompanied by a glamourous little black dress by maison de couture Givenchy, Audrey Hepburn wears a sublime multi - strand pearls and diamond necklace. The strands of large pearls meet at the centre of the necklace and are connected by a beautiful centre piece which is literally covered in diamonds.


At BAUNAT we have a fantastic team of designer that would be delighted to help you design your very own diamondnecklace or any other matching jewellery. But we certainly have in our collection, elegant tennis bracelets that perfectly match the necklace worn by Hepburn and that can be worn at all occasions.

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