Diamond jewellery has never been this popular before. Every year features loads of new striking trends and design evolutions. We set out to discover the five latest eye-catching diamond trends for you. From vintage or antique engagement rings to diamond-encrusted lingerie and stilettos!

1. The comeback of gold engagement rings

The all-time classic amongst engagement rings has made a dazzling come-back. Although this is hardly surprising; gold exudes timeless class and perfectly suits diamonds in all imaginable different colours. Brides to be? They’ve once again fallen head over heels in love with golden engagement rings set with diamonds.

2. Grandmother’s diamond ring is still hot

Engagement rings with a vintage look are extremely popular nowadays. On the website of BAUNAT for example, you will stumble upon a wide variety of diamond engagement rings with an authentic, traditional design. If you have already taken a look you will, without a doubt, understand why everyone is so smitten by the charms of retro and antique design!

3. Diamonds make the man

Watches, earrings, rings or bracelets set with diamonds: modern day men love them. They try not to talk about it too often or linger at the jeweler’s store-front, but they are by no means less infatuated by diamond jewellery. Jewellery brands worldwide have noticed an increasing demand for diamond jewels designed especially for men. 

4. The engagement ring set with a coloured diamond

Coloured diamonds are hot. They are amongst the most precious diamonds on the market and that makes them significantly more expensive than the –in no way less beautiful - colourless specimens. Due to the cost and the highly exclusive character of a coloured diamond, alternative options such as coloured gemstones for example, sapphires and rubies, have emerged. Make sure you always get a certificate when purchasing one of these rare stones, because the difference in value between a coloured diamond, a sapphire, and a non-gemstone is huge!

5. Diamond-encrusted lingerie and stilettos

And you thought diamonds only belonged on rings, necklaces or bracelets? Nothing could be further from the truth! More and more well-known brands such as Victoria’s Secret experiment with luxurious lingerie set with diamonds.

You can hardly call diamond-encrusted stilettos a booming worldwide trend, but it is still worth mentioning. The House of Borgezie for example produces this kind of hyper expensive stilettos. With prices coming in at around 150,000 euros, a diamond necklace probably remains the more affordable option!

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