While Antwerp is the most famous diamond centre in Belgium, in Amsterdam, you can find loose diamonds and diamond jewellery such as earrings, rings and necklaces. BAUNAT even has a showroom in the Dutch capital. Read on for our guide to buying earrings in Amsterdam.


What is Amsterdam's diamond earring history?

The history of diamonds in Amsterdam goes back to the sixteenth century when the Sephardic Jewish community began to build a diamond trading centre. To this day, there are many jewellers and diamond cutters in 'Dam. Perhaps the most famous of all is Joseph Asscher, who developed the well-known Asscher cut in 1902. This was the very first diamond cut to be patented.
The grand BAUNAT Amsterdam showroom, where you can buy diamond earrings.

Where can I buy diamond earrings in a store in Amsterdam?

As mentioned, the capital of our northern neighbours is a world trade centre for diamonds. BAUNAT, therefore, owes its reputation and status to having a presence there. Our showroom is located in the heart of Amsterdam's famous canal belt, where you can discover and choose diamond earrings. Our showroom is situated in a stately building on Keizersgracht , making the whole experience pure luxury. We ask you to make an appointment for your visit in advance to ensure you the best possible welcome. We take our time to advise and guide you in deciding which diamond earrings to purchase in Amsterdam.
Buy beautiful diamond earrings like this pair in our Amsterdam showroom.

What type of earrings can you find in Amsterdam?

As jewellery specialists, we offer a wide range of diamond earrings in our Amsterdam store. Whether you love the understated elegance of a solitaire diamond, the unmatched brilliance of halo earrings or the stylish minimalism of riviere earrings, you can buy them all in Amsterdam. Our goldsmiths set the diamonds in gold, silver or platinum to show them off to their full advantage.

Which earrings are currently in fashion?

Diamond earrings are always in fashion, but gemstones - and blue sapphires in particular - have also gained popularity. Dangly earrings in all conceivable lengths are available today, as are striking statement earrings. Another exciting trend is very long and fine earrings pulled through the ear hole. At the other end of the spectrum, we have been seeing lots of minimalist earrings, especially when several earrings are combined on the same ear. 

Visit our showroom in Amsterdam(by appointment) if you are looking to gift a pair of earrings to someone. Our specialists will gladly aid you in your search for the perfect piece of diamond jewellery.
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