• Antwerp is traditionally known as the diamond capital of the world.
  • When visiting the city, you must take a walk through the diamond district.
  • If you have not found a diamond dealer in Antwerp, BAUNAT offers an extensive collection of diamond jewellery.

Antwerp and diamonds are linked forever. It has recently been named the diamond capital of the world, which is sure to stick. Therefore, it is not surprising that, when you take a walk through the diamond district next to the Central Station, you will find shops windows full of diamonds and diamond jewellery. In short, finding a diamond dealer in Antwerp is not that difficult. In fact, one of our showrooms is located in this district (Rijfstraat 2-4). On appointment, we would love to help you find your dream diamond jewel.

Antwerp as the capital of diamonds dealers

Antwerp is considered the diamond capital of the world. Not illogical if you know that there are more than 1500 diamond companies in this city. There are many diamond cutters and showrooms where rough diamonds are cut into the finest jewels. In Antwerp, you are guaranteed to find the diamond jewellery of your dreams. You can also find loose (investment) diamonds at dealers in Antwerp. The diamond industry is located in the diamond district, not far from the famous Central Station. When visiting Antwerp, you should definitely consider a walk through this district, perhaps with a guided tour group.

BAUNAT, a trustworthy diamond dealer in Antwerp

It is not difficult to find a diamond dealer in Antwerp. However, we recommend that you do not choose the first one you see. It is very important that you choose a reliable diamond dealer. At BAUNAT, we always strive for fair and proper service, both during and after the purchase. With our professional approach, we would love to help you in your search for diamond jewellery, from timeless engagement rings to elegant necklaces or loose diamonds.

If you are looking for a diamond dealer in Antwerp, make sure to visit our collection, and if you are interested in a particular diamond jewel, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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