• Where do cufflinks come from?
  • How do cufflinks work?
  • How to wear cufflinks?


Do you think it’s difficult to find the perfect gift for your husband? How can you surprise him during Christmas? Which New Year’s gift for men is beautiful as well as practical? Few women think about buying their men diamonds. However, men like jewellery too. Especially if they’re functional too. You can find what you’re looking for in our catalogue of cufflinks.

Where do cufflinks come from?

Therefore, we have to go back to the 1700’s. In that time, there were big differences between the normal population and the elite, that liked to show off. That’s why they accentuated their clothing with accessories made from expensive precious metals. Cufflinks, which were needed to tie the sleeves, are a good example.

Around 1960, men started to dress less formal, so the cufflinks disappeared out of their closets. Until today! Cufflinks with diamonds are loved again by stylish men. Specially to wear on events and parties.

How do cufflinks work?

Technically, the cufflinks were designed for practical reasons. The cufflink consists of a striking button (for which you can buy diamonds) with a bar attached to it. There is a second hinged bar on that bar to slide the cufflinks through the buttonhole. Just turn and the cufflink is closed.

Buy cufflinks with diamonds to surprise him? For an extra touch, you also get him a tailor made version based on your own ideas.

How to wear cufflinks?

Did you know men often buy diamonds for themselves? The days where men only wore a wedding ring and a watch are over. Men also like to be dressed up nicely for the day and that includes accessories. For an accessory that fits all outfits, choose a pair of handmade cufflinks in white gold with a central diamond. Subtle, stylish and no excess of colour.

Keep in mind that not all shirts are suitable for cufflinks. This is only possible for shirts with 2 openings instead of buttons at the end.

Found the perfect gift for your husband in our catalogue of cufflinks? If you require additional information, please contact the experts of BAUNAT. 

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