If you are looking for a truly exceptional engagement ring that stands out from the crowd, a designer engagement ring is the best choice. Such a piece of jewellery not only stands for exquisite taste, but is also a sign of great individuality  

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What’s so different about a designer engagement ring?

The outstanding feature of a designer engagement ring lies in its unusual and at the same time classy look. It’s a ring that simply looks different from your average engagement ring. This doesn’t mean that a classic and more traditional engagement ring is not as glamorous as a designer ring. Even in the more conventional ring designs the main protagonist is the mesmerising diamond so can never go wrong with this choice.
Designer engagement ring from BAUNAT - A high quality engagement ring for the engagement
Designer engagement rings are especially popular with modern women who know exactly what they want and prefer a ring that enhances their independence and individuality

Jewellery designers usually don’t just design one single ring, but often a whole collection of jewellery pieces. This makes it possible to wonderfully complement the engagement ring with other jewels from the same collection, e.g. a diamond bracelet or diamond earrings with same design elements.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of designer engagement rings?

One of the many advantages of having a designer engagement ring is the fact that has a unique and exclusive design that will make you stand out.

If you are looking for a particularly versatile piece of jewellery that is easy to combine, expresses understatement and at the same time looks very elegant, a solitaire engagement ring in a very classic design could be the better choice. Such a ring can also be crafted very individually, for example with the help of a coloured diamond or with colourless diamonds of special quality.

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Where can I buy a designer engagement ring at the best price?

Some designers offer their collections exclusively through their own sales channels, and some are also available in bricks-and-mortar stores. However, you will often find the largest selection at an online jeweller, who offers various collections from leading jewellery designers.

The most important thing about an engagement ring is the quality of the materials used, i.e. the precious metals and gemstones. You should never save on those, because the quality has a direct impact on the durability of the engagement ring, which your beloved should enjoy for a lifetime.
Auslage mit Designer Schmuck  - Designer Schmuck von BAUNAT in einer Vitrine
When it comes to diamonds and designer jewellery, the Belgian port city of Antwerp is known for excellent workmanship at affordable prices. No other city has a comparable density of jewellers, diamond cutters and jewellery designers. In addition, Antwerp is home to three of the largest diamond exchanges in the world, which not only means a large selection of gemstones. But also, very good prices for professionals and private individuals like yourself. Of course, you can also order a made-to-measure engagement ring that exactly matches your ideas and vision.
Would you like to buy an engagement ring and receive advice on your choice from our diamond jewellery experts? The BAUNAT team is at your disposal and looks forward to hearing from you.

What else would you like to know about our engagement rings?

Now you might know a little better whether a designer engagement ring is right for you and your beloved and where you can buy it at a good price. Are you looking for more information and inspiration regarding the choice of your engagement ring? We have put together some interesting articles for you:

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