Anyone looking for the perfect engagement ring to propose to his fiancée knows there are plenty of options. Will you go for a diamond or another precious stone? Which precious metal suits your fiancée best? How do you choose a colour for her engagement ring? BAUNAT is listing the possibilities for you.

  • Why should you buy a coloured diamond engagement ring?
  • Which precious stone suits her?
  • Which precious metal to use for her engagement ring?

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Coloured diamonds in your engagement ring

Why should you buy a coloured diamond engagement ring?

When buying a diamond engagement ring, most people opt for a white or colourless diamond. However, there are many other alternatives. Coloured diamonds are created by differences in atomic structure and impurities in the diamond where another element mixes with the carbon.
For example, you get a grey or blue diamond in the presence of boron, a yellow diamond with nitrogen, a purple diamond with hydrogen and pink, red or brown diamonds if there is a distorted crystal grid. There are also green diamonds that are colourless until they reach the Earth's upper crust, to then discolour to a green hue. Black diamonds apparently came from the remains of a meteorite that hit Earth millions of years ago.

When choosing the perfect coloured diamond for an engagement ring, it is important to look at her colour type. What suits your fiancée best, cool or warm tones? Consider the colour of her skin, hair and eyes or see which colours are most common in her wardrobe. Thus, you will choose a colour for her engagement ring that really suits her.
 Engagement ring with emerald

Which precious stone suits her?

If you prefer to give your fiancée a more original precious stone, you have a choice of several other coloured gemstones. Only durable, rare stones with a certain hardness may bear the name "precious stone". For example, there are only four types of stone with that title: the diamond, emerald, sapphire and the ruby. The other coloured stones that are often incorporated into jewellery are ordinary colour stones.

Choosing a precious stone engagement ring


The emerald has a typical green colour and looks beautiful on ladies with both a cool and warmer undertone.


The sapphire has its deep blue colour due to the combination of iron and titanium. This stone is more likely to suit people with a cooler tone in their skin tone.


A ruby has a deep red colour and therefore often serves as a symbol of passion and love. It combines very well with gold and therefore suits people with a warmer skin tone well.
 Engagement ring in colored precious metal

Which precious metal to use for her engagement ring?

Now that you know which stone you want for her engagement ring, you still have to choose the precious metal in which you want the ring to be made. There are several possibilities that also suit different skin types.

Yellow gold

A yellow gold engagement ring is a classic, especially when combined with a solitary diamond. Yellow gold also combines well with many precious stones, and creates a whole with a warm look.

Red gold

Red gold gives your engagement ring a vintage look, but also combines perfectly with other precious metals. Not all gemstones or coloured diamonds match red gold well, so choose carefully.

White gold

White gold is very similar to platinum, but differs in composition, among other things. White gold also has a more silvery sparkle. It has a cooler appearance and therefore suits people with a cooler complexion better. You can combine it with both warm and cool coloured diamonds or precious stones.


Platinum has a greyer look than white gold, but is also quite similar. Platinum is becoming increasingly popular, also because it is a very solid precious metal. It can easily be combined with other precious metals, precious stones and coloured diamonds.
Have you been able to choose the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée? Or would you rather have a look in the showroom first? You can also have a custom engagement ring made at BAUNAT. We are happy to examine the possibilities with you.

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For those looking for a unique engagement ring, a dash of colour always works well. Whether you choose coloured diamonds or precious stones, the possibilities are endless. If you would prefer some more information about engagement rings first, please read the following articles on our blog.


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