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BAUNAT Designer Jewellery

The 'BAUNAT Designer Jewellery' line incorporates collections developed by talented and established Belgian designers and which perfectly reflect BAUNAT's philosophy. Together with BAUNAT's creative management, these craftsmen have created highly refined and elegant collections that represent inner beauty and elegance. Each collection - exclusively available on - radiates 'timeless' beauty.

BAUNAT offers you a wide range of high quality diamond jewels at exceptional prices. Diamond jewels are an accessory every woman loves to wear, for grand occasions or during their everyday life. More than simple jewellery, diamond jewels highlight the elegance and refinement of the people that wear them.
If you wish to buy a diamond jewel, you should get in touch with our brand, whose talented jewellery creators produce original, modern, design and diverse pieces.

Diamond jewellery collections of great elegance

BAUNAT is above all the story of an online Belgian jewellery brand that offers high quality diamond jewels at the best possible price. Jewellery that can be worn for grand occasions, but are equally suitable for everyday wear, as there is a wide array of designs and styles.

Our jewellery is carefully crafted by Belgian diamond jewellery creators of incomparable talent, using only the most noble of materials. Hence our collection of unique and elegant diamond jewellery.

Our brand works exclusively together with various diamond jewellery creators to guarantee an exclusive collection of jewels, set with the most beautiful diamonds, at an unbeatable price.

Diamond jewellery collections exclusively available on our website

In our extremely refined and elegant collections, you can find happiness with our high quality jewels, such as rings, earrings or necklaces. You can choose between our 4 precious metals: white gold, red gold, yellow gold and platinum. The jewels are normally set with diamonds, but you can also choose to have them set with rubies, emeralds or sapphires.

Our Designer Jewellery collection offers diamond jewellery of incredible beauty and can easily be bought on our website. They are unique jewels the completely reflect BAUNAT’s philosophy: a jewel’s true beauty and natural charm result from its great purity.

Online webshop for high quality diamond jewellery. View all our diamond jewels in our online shop. Our online business model allows us to offer you these high quality jewels at excellent prices.

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