Throughout history the emerald has always been a popular gemstone. A diamond ring is always a good choice, but in combination with an emerald simply irresistible. Since the 60´s the popularity of this gemstone increased partly thanks to Jackie O´s engagement ring which she got from John F. Kennedy. But even without this boost, a diamond ring including an emerald is a beautiful and classic choice.

What is an emerald?

The emerald is a variety of beryl and is considered as the noblest stone from the beryl group. Chrome provides the beautiful green colour. An emerald is often turbid as a result of inclusions. The brighter the stone, the higher the price. So make no mistake as they can cost quite a bit. Emeralds symbolize the rebirth (May birthstone). They are the rarest gemstones and are mainly mined in Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia and Zambia.

In combination with diamonds

A diamond ring including an emerald is a classic choice, especially in yellow gold. Nowadays people choose more often a model in white gold or platinum. Men propose to their loved ones more often with a beautiful engagement ring set with coloured diamonds and/or gemstones. Thereby emeralds are a nice and original choice: classic and outrageous at the same time. The green colour attracts attention and suits almost every style.

Of course at BAUNAT you can choose a ring set with diamonds and an emerald. We have some beautiful models in our collection.

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