If you are looking for inspiration this Christmas BAUNAT’s ultimate guide is here to help you find timeless presents to celebrate the festive season.

This year the holiday-season comes earlier than usual as the pandemic has forced customers to plan-ahead for Christmas shopping.  As many nations experience a second lockdown, buying online is the safest option.  Whether we can be with our loved ones in person or not, Christmas is a time for togetherness and celebration, time to pause and reflect. This year has been challenging on many levels so a special treat to ourselves or those we love will help keep the spirits up.

Below are BAUNAT’s specially selected Christmas gifts.


Venezia watch

Gits for her

The ultimate luxury gift for her is a watch with diamonds, here is the BAUNAT Venezia 18k white gold watch.

Watches are one of the most adaptable accessories women can own.  They can be worn for so many different occasions and incorporated within her attire to enhance the look. Our golden watches are the ultimate smart gift, becoming an heirloom to pass down the generations. The Italian collection stands for luxury and design

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Diamond tennis bracelet

Diamond tennis bracelet

The diamond tennis bracelet is an iconic fashion piece and a spectacular gift.

This classic jewel is on every woman’s wish list and is no doubt a most enchanting gift.  The tennis bracelet, in yellow, white or red gold, is a classic accessory that every woman should have in her jewellery box.
It brings glamour to an elegant or casual look.

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Diamond earrings

Diamond earrings

A luxury attainable gift that will never go out of fashion, a pair of diamond earrings

The unique Yasmine collection comprises diamonds configured in an infinity twist, representing the beauty of the Orient.  With its modern and contemporary lines this is the perfect gift to celebrate Christmas and beyond.

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Diamond watch

Gits for him

Sometimes it’s hard to shop for our men, either because they have bought everything they want, forgotten to send you the wish list or simply insist they don’t need anything.
This finest quality 18kt watch with Japanese Quartz movement is part of our Italian collection. Timeless style for the modern professional, this gold watch is reliable, light (only 89g) and water resistant.

Elegant and classic yellow gold watch

Diamond cufflinks in yellow gold

Jewellery and cufflinks in one

Modern style combined with artisan craftsmanship, the ultimate touch of luxury. These cufflinks will add a touch of glamour to any outfit, formal or casual.

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Ring for man with black diamonds

Eternity ring for men

This stylish and masculine handmade ring with black diamonds is the perfect gift for the man who is confident-enough to wear a statement ring.  It can be worn as a dress ring, looking sharp with black tie or adding ‘wow factor’ to your casual look.

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Get personalised advice

Choosing just the right present this year is as important as ever.  We’ll help you make your Christmas super-special with advice, tailor-made to ensure an unforgettable Christmas for your loved one.  Book your virtual appointment here. Say it with BAUNAT.
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