Choosing your perfect and unique solitaire engagement ring is an exciting adventure. It involves quite a bit of decision making, but the end result should always be what you dreamed of. Here are a few important details to consider when choosing your perfect engagement ring.


Choosing the Right Diamond Shape For You

Before delving into designs, themes and colours for your perfect solitaire engagement ring, you first need to choose your perfect diamond. The diamond that you choose will serve as the base for the whole ring. Today, there is an array of cuts to choose from. While the round, oval and princess cuts remain the most popular choices , more original and unique shapes will become the new trend in 2021.

The emerald-cut is now the go-to shape for all gemstones. The emerald cut's name is a reference to the traditional cut for an emerald and mainly emphasises the clarity of the stone and not so much the brilliance.

Picking the Right Ring Design

Once you have chosen the diamond cut, you need to think about the design of your ring. You could pick a classic solitaire engagement ring, or maybe you want more bling, and therefore look for a diamond pavé set ring. On the other hand, you may be looking for a more romantic complexity through a nature-inspired design with floral accents.

Whether you are in love with elegant and subtle lines or prefer more intricate designs, once you have chosen your diamond, it will be easier to visualise the ring design that will be perfect for the diamond and for you.

Playing With Different Metal Colours

One of the main engagement ring trends in 2021 will be the use of two-tone metal. Choosing two-tone makes it much easier to match other jewellery to your engagement ring. Plus, it looks fantastic!

Two-tone is also a great option for your wedding rings if you can’t decide which metal to go with. Does your partner want yellow gold, but you prefer platinum or white gold? Just combine the two! You could wear a white gold ring with yellow gold details, and vice versa for your partner.
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