Many couples start planning their wedding as soon as the engagement ring is on the finger. But before the actual organisation begins, the first step is to find the right day for the big wedding celebration. What sounds simple at first often turns out to be more complicated than expected in practice, because certain details have to be considered.

Significant dates

Many couples want a date that has a very special meaning, such as the day they got engaged, the day that marks the beginning of the relationship, their parents’ wedding day or a date with identical digits, such as 12/12/2012, 08/08/2018 or 19/09/2019. Early planning is essential for the latter because these days are extremely popular; appointments at the registry office or church are often booked up long in advance.

Alternative dates

As nice as it is when the wedding can be planned exactly on the desired date, you shouldn’t fixate too much on a single date. The availability of a suitable location is not unimportant because what use is the perfect date if the place you want to celebrate is unavailable on that day? The bigger the celebration, the more important it is to know in advance when most guests and especially the most important ones, such as family, have time. Nobody wants to give up their loved ones presence on the big day just to get married on a very special date. Also: if most guests work or have kids that go to school, workdays are out of the question. Saturday is ideal because guests have enough time on the following day to relax and travel home.

Weather and season

It is with good reason that most weddings take place in summer because even if the weather on the day of the wedding cannot be predicted exactly, the probability of sunshine is highest in the summer months. Even if the celebration takes place inside, good weather guarantees a relaxed party, all the more if many guests arrive with children who prefer to move and play outside instead of sitting inside at the table. Wedding photos in the sunshine are also a nicer memory than a freezing bride and groom under a late autumn cloudy sky.

Save the date

Once you have set the date, a “save the date” card should be sent straight away informing all guests about the wedding day as early as possible. This allows you to spend more time with the actual invitations and secure a date without having made a final decision. The shorter the preparation time, the higher the probability that some of the guests already have something planned on this day that cannot be postponed. Ideally, the date should be announced 6-12 months in advance.

Dress, suit and jewellery

It can take some time to select a wedding dress, including minor alterations by the tailor, to select a wedding suit, to choose the wedding rings and other jewellery for the bride. The following also applies to organising the celebration: the earlier everything is ready and arranged, the less stress there will be in the last weeks and days before the wedding.

No matter what date you choose, it will remain your day forever, even if it is not the date you originally wanted.

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