Winter, the season of blue skies, snowfalls, cosy atmospheres and happy holidays. These are some of the reasons why more couples are choosing to celebrate their wedding in the winter season. From candles and Christmas lights, to overall stronger colours that contrast with the whiteness of the snow, the winter offers many magical wedding ideas. Here are three things you need to think of first as you start planning your glamorous winter wedding: the dress, the theme and the diamond jewels.

  • Choosing your winter wedding dress
  • Picking your winter theme
  • Selecting matching diamond jewels

    Choosing your winter wedding dress

    When choosing a winter wedding, you have a couple of options regarding the dress. You can opt for classic whites and creams that remind you of the snowy landscapes and accentuate the look with little bits of colour in your bouquet or your diamond jewels.

    Or you can choose to be a little bolder and choose a colourful dress, like a ruby red dress or an emerald green dress. It is not as traditional, but in the middle of winter, with the holiday season, it can be a lovely alternative to whites.

    Given the colder weather you can add a touch of glamour to your look by wearing a shawl or coat made of faux fur. It can be white or cream, but it can also be of many other beautiful earthy or festive colours.

    Picking your winter theme

    Picking a winter theme is different from a summer one, but it is just as fun. You can choose a classic Christmas theme with all the reds and greens and sparkling lights. There’s also the timeless fairy-tale wedding theme where golds and whites sparkle around the room.

    There is also a more rustic theme that seems to be increasingly popular, the bohemian theme where it is all about deep and warm colours, where the decor is simpler, and it is all about the warmth and cosiness of the atmosphere.

    Selecting matching diamond jewels

    Last but not least, is choosing the matching diamond jewels. Jewellery is crucial to complete any bride’s outfit. From a river of diamonds, the sparkle around your neck and wrist, to more discrete diamond jewels that add a subtler scintillation, diamonds are always the most perfect choice for a bride.

    And should you wish to add a note of colour to your outfit or to match your colourful theme to perfection, there are beautiful natural fancy coloured diamonds. After all, diamonds can come in a variety of colours, from yellow to pink and brown and orange. So why not choose a stunning fancy coloured diamond to match your magical winter wedding?

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