We have discussed in the past the different settings to choose from when purchasing diamonds, for instance the prong setting, the half bezel or the tension setting.

Today we are going to talk a bit more in depth about one setting in particular, the rub-over setting, or as it is more commonly called, the bezel setting; and how ideal it is should you be a very active person in search of diamond earrings.

What is a rub-over setting?

A rub-over or bezel setting is probably as popular as the traditional prong setting.

It consists of a thin metal edge that surrounds the stone and slightly cover its edges. The stone actually rests on a ledge which is shaped in the sides of the metal and then the edges are tapered over the stone.

It is the most secure setting of all, should you be afraid of damaging or loosing your stone over time, as it is firmly set within this metal edge.

Why choose this setting over any other?

As mentioned earlier it is the perfect setting should you be afraid of misplacing your stone and to avoid any accidental blows to the diamond or the diamond itself scratching something else it may come in contact with.

Furthermore, a bezel setting doesn’t stand as tall on your finger, thereby avoiding your piece of jewellery getting caught into things on a daily basis. And that applies to rings but also to diamond earrings or pendants. This feature, depending on your job is another great advantage that could lead you to choose this setting over any other.

Simple, delicate and contemporary, it has been more and more successful with all generations over the past years.


BAUNAT would recommend this setting for diamond earrings in particular, as we have noticed with experience, that women tend not to change earrings as often because of their wonderful versatility for daily use as well as evening wear. That is when the bezel setting is ideal, because it protects the diamond over the long run and in every day circumstances more than any other existing setting.

BAUNAT offers a wide range of stones that are set with a rub-over setting, such as bracelets, pendants, engagement rings and of course diamond earrings.

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