There are two main settings in the world of jewellery that are the most commonly used: the prong or claw setting and the bezel or rub over setting. Depending on the your level of activity and how sportive you are, one setting may be better than the other. We’ll briefly explain both settings here so that you have all the information needed when purchasing a piece of jewellery.

  • Prong setting
  • Bezel setting

Prong setting

The prong or claw setting is the most traditional setting used in solitaires. It consists of a basket in which the diamond is placed and four to six little prongs that are bent over the stone at the girdle all around the stone. The prongs are placed symmetrically to hold the stone firmly in place.

The particularity of this setting is that the stone needs to be faceted in order to be set but it can be practically any shape or size.

The one main advantage of this setting is that it is less visible, allowing for more light to enter the stone hence bringing out the brilliance. On the other hand, the one disadvantage of the prong setting is that it does not protect the stone as much from damage. Furthermore, over time one of the prongs may break, risking that you loose the stone all together.

It is commonly used in earrings for women, but should you be a very active or very sportive woman, we would rather recommend the following setting: the bezel setting.

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Bezel setting

The bezel setting is the ultimate setting for very active women. It is considered one of the mostsecure settings of all as the stone is completely surrounded by a thin layer of metal that protects it and holds it into place.

The stone usually rests with its girdle on a very small ledge that is carved inside the bezel, the edges are then tapered and smoothed out over the stone. This setting can be used for both faceted stones and cabochons.

With this type of setting you can rest assured that your stone will not fall out not will it gem damaged as easily over time. Furthermore, the fact that the metal is smoothed out, it becomes seamless and the design does not as easily get caught into your clothes and hair.

These are probably the main reasons why earrings are often made with a bezel setting. Earrings for active women in particular should have diamonds or gemstones set in bezel. This will guarantee you peace of mind as you go on in your daily activities.

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Should you need guidance in your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for help.

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