• Why are women buying engagement rings for themselves?
  • Choosing a ring theme inspired by your lifestyle

Why are women buying engagement rings for themselves?

It seems to be increasingly common for women to either marry later in life or to decide not to marry at all and just be in a relationship without the commitment of a marriage.

More recently though another movement has appeared amongst women, which seems to be based entirely on self-development and self-reliance. It is the act of celebrating yourself through a commitment to you and only you, whereby women are starting to buy unique engagement rings for themselves as a statement of their independence.

Some women proceed in a discreet and subtle way by just buying their unique engagement ring directly and keeping for themselves what it represents. But others actually decide to go through the planning of a fictional marriage in order to clearly make a statement to the world and celebrate this commitment with their friends.

It is said that between 2004 and 2014, the percentage of women who were single and not living with anyone rose by 11%. That is quite considerable.

The reasons for this seems to be related to women being more and more focused on their careers, wanting more time to dedicate to themselves and what they like doing. There is less stress of having to take care of someone else, think for two, or having to ask permission for anything you would like to do in particular. Furthermore, you get to see your friends on a more regular basis.

In a way, this movement where you are buying yourself your own unique engagement ring as a commitment to yourself is a representation of the world as it has become today. Committing to self-development should always be part of your life, whether you are in a relationship or not.

Choosing a ring theme inspired by your lifestyle

Now remains the fun task of choosing a unique engagement ring that will represent you and that is inspired by your lifestyle.

If you are a romantic at heart, who loves warm colours and round shapes, you could choose a heart shaped diamond as a symbol of the love for yourself, set in a red gold engagement ring.

Should nature and flowers be what you love most, then you could have a unique engagement ring that is inspired by that. Maybe there could be floral engravings on the shank of the ring or a diamond set in petal shaped gold.

The important thing is that the ring represents you and the commitment you are willing to make to yourself in this life.

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