• What do diamond jewellery mean?
  • Which diamond jewels are the most valuable?
  • How can I buy diamond jewellery?

Cultures differ, but buying diamonds seems to be a good idea everywhere. Every population through history loved diamonds and precious metals. Why have diamonds jewels been valuable for such a long time? Not just for their beauty, their symbolic also plays an important role. 

What do diamond jewellery mean?

Buying diamond jewellery has been a smart choice through time. Not just their beauty has been loved, especially their value has been their biggest trump.

Through history royals always had an enormous amount of jewellery to show off their wealth. On places like India, jewellery has been for all population classes. In the higher classes to show off their wealth, in the lower classes to protect themselves from poverty. Jewellery has always been seen as a smart investment.

For us buying diamond jewellery is reserved for special occasions. The timeless diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding anniversary. Diamonds symbolise milestones in your life. They mark moments in your gathering like nothing else could. But diamonds are also a smart investment.

Which diamond jewels are the most valuable?

What diamonds are the most valuable? That depends on every individual piece and what you do with it. A lot of people that buy diamond jewellery want a piece that’s rare and expensive. This is not always a good idea. Very expensive pieces are very valuable and will rise in price. Therefore, they can be hard to sell on the long term and your money is stuck.

Why should you invest in antique diamond jewellery? Because they are timeless and have a story. Many of the most valuable diamonds in the world, as the Hope diamond, still rise in price. By investing in an antique piece with a family history, you add to the intrinsic value of that piece.

When you rather want to buy new jewellery? When you want to add value yourself. You don’t just invest in the intrinsic value of diamond jewel, you also give the piece a story. This way, the jewel gets a symbolic attraction for potential buyers.

How can I buy diamond jewellery?

Would you like a special investment? Then you can buy diamond jewellery. The beauty of the piece makes sure that you can also wear it in daily life. This way, you can show your investment to others while giving someone else a unique piece. How do I choose the perfect engagement ring? This jewel is also a valuable investment.

Because of the great amount of diamonds and the craftsmanship of the piece, it will be a big investment. It’s best to rely on a diamond expert to choose the right piece. With certificates from GIA, IGI or HRD you can be sure. How do I search reliable jewellery online? Here you can find the same certificates.

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