Today you can purchase just about anything online and expect it to be delivered to your house within a few days. Who would have thought, 20 years ago, that that would be possible and actually become so easy?

  • Easy
  • More affordable
  • More choice
  • Secure


Yes, it is the perfect word to describe the act of buying online, its easy. You don’t even need a computer anymore and a steady internet connection, you can connect from a phone or tablet to any wireless connection and you are ready to shop.

Websites are mostly user friendly, easy to navigate and you can really find anything you want online.

More affordable

Buying online is way more affordable than buying in a retail store for several reasons which are mainly related to the cost of running an establishment: the rent, the bills, the payroll, the physical inventory and the security related to the inventory are all factors that can make a simple piece of jewellery so much more expensive than purchasing it online.

More choice

The advantage of having an online boutique is that you can display your whole inventory in one place and your customers have access to everything in a couple of clicks. Furthermore, the fact that we have access to websites worldwide from the comfort of our home or office, ensures that we find literally any object we desire and simply have it shipped to us at home.

It’s an amazing experience, when the object you are looking for or the jewellery design you had in mind is found on a website on the other side of Europe or across the ocean. And the fact that thanks to the advanced systems we have nowadays, we can actually purchase securely and have it shipped at home safely is just great.


What we are increasingly experiencing, is a sense of security when accessing websites and purchasing online. And for the websites you are unsure of in terms of security, you can always check articles that describe the signs that make a site secure or not to shop on.

Banks and private companies have also made payment systems considerably more secure, making purchasing online easier and more accessible to different types of card holders.

The other thing that makes buying online safer is the more reliable and efficient shipping methods existing today and the insurances that are behind them. Ensuring you either receive your package as expected or you are reimbursed if it is lost or there is a problem.

BAUNAT has a vast online collection of beautiful pieces of jewellery, that can be paid for through secure payment systems and shipped out to you safely and efficiently. BAUNAT offers a fantastic service and should you have questions, the team of experts is at your disposal to answer all your needs.

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