• What quality can the internet offer?
  • What service can I expect online?
  • How can I best prepare myself?

Are you planning on asking your partner to marry you in an original manner? Then an original engagement ring should naturally form part of this too. And this will take a bit of effort. Don’t feel like spending your valuable time in jewellery shops? Then buying her engagement ring online is the perfect solution for you!

What quality can the internet offer?

Are you somewhat sceptical about the idea of buying an engagement ring online? Contrary to what some may think, online jewellers are just as reliable as physical jewellery shops. In order to reassure yourself you have found a reliable trader, you will first need to pay attention to the certificates. Have these been issued by independent experts such as the GIA, IGI or HRD? Then you can confidently buy her engagement ring online.

You can also enjoy financial benefits by buying an engagement ring online. As the cost of a physical shop is eliminated, you will be paying approximately 30 to 50% less online for the same quality.

What service can I expect online?

Buying an engagement ring online doesn’t mean you won’t be receiving a service. After all, modern technologies have allowed for us to now also receive personal and tailor-made advice online. You have the option of phoning, emailing or even chatting with your jeweller. Less sales chat, more targeted and reliable information!

Plus it’s often also possible to make an appointment to visit a showroom, allowing you to also physically see jewellery, without losing any time.

How can I best prepare myself?

You can make a number of preparations yourself, allowing you to make the process of buying her engagement ring online run even smoother. The first step is to find out her ring size. 

And whilst you’re inspecting her jewellery box, why not take a good look at which style she prefers. Or which ring best suits her fingers.

Ready to make your choice? Then take a look at BAUNAT’s extensive collection of engagement rings here. Would you like to receive some personal assistance when buying her engagement ring online? Then contact our experts via telephone, email or chat.

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