Women love to buy diamond jewels. To stand out, to distinguish themselves, to make a statement, for fun, to make themselves beautiful, etc.. There are enough reasons to visit a jeweler or to look at the many collections online available. Would you rather like to stand out with your diamond jewels at your wedding, for example, then we have very good news for you: the diamond tiara is back, from never being gone in the first place. We honestly could never have dreamed of this. But when leading fashion brands, like Saint Laurent Paris, make their models walk the runway while wearing a tiara, we know what time it is. 


In the past only noblewomen could buy diamonds. And those diamonds were exclusively worn on special occasions to show how powerful they are and to attract attention. The noblewomen were not allowed to wear a tiara until they were married. During the wedding, the bride used to wear a tiara owned by her family. Once married, these women could only wear tiaras who were owned by her husband’s family, or she could wear her own tiaras.

Wearing tiaras dates back to ancient times, but in the end, it is Napoleon who made them popular. By showing breathtaking diamonds, he wanted to increase not only his but his courts prestige as well. At his coronation, the most important women wore diamond tiaras.

The diamond tiara

It looks like the tiara is back in business. Certainly if the big fashion leaders, like Saint Laurent Paris and Luis Vuitton, make their models walk the runway with a tiara on their head. Until recently we only saw tiaras on dress-up parties or bachelor parties, but now you can actually make a fashion statement with it. Suddenly buying a diamond tiara is not so strange anymore.

If you plan on buying a diamond jewel, then you are at the right place. Unfortunately, diamond tiaras are not available in our standard collection. Of course, there is the possibility to create a tailor-made model. Do not hesitate to contact us. 

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