• Where did the tiara come from?
  • Who used to have the right to wear a tiara?
  • How and when is a tiara worn today?

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Where did the tiara come from?

The tiara was originally a high crown made of leather or other textiles and was worn by the kings and emperors in ancient Mesopotamia. Popes also have tiaras. And although there are still some to be found in the pontifical treasury, many papal tiaras were unfortunately lost during the French occupation of Rome.

With the emergence of the nobility, tiaras were a sought-after object to display power and status. Who else could buy and wear tiara's with diamonds?

Who used to have the right to wear a tiara?

In the past, buying diamonds was thus largely reserved for the nobility. During that time, only women of nobility wore a tiara on special occasions. For young unmarried ladies, this was not even allowed. A lady of nobility received her first tiara for her marriage. This beautiful jewellery was owned by her own family.

Wearing a tiara gained a lot of popularity during the time of Napoleon. He wanted to increase his status and that of his court with diamond jewellery. At his coronation, the most important female guests all wore a tiara.

How and when is a tiara worn today?

When you want to buy jewellery with diamonds, you might not immediately think of a tiara. However, in this modern era, the tiara is considered a symbol of femininity and beauty. Just think of the many beauty contests where the winner is crowned with a tiara.

The diamond tiara is also becoming more popular as bridal jewellery, especially when a dress with a veil is chosen.

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