• Why does old fashion come back?
  • How can I make my choker classy?
  • How should I wear it?

Do you remember the nineties and the first decade of this century vividly? Then you can certainly remember the choker. Anyone who followed fashion at the time certainly had a copy of this closely fitting necklace. Now it is making a comeback.

Why does old fashion come back?

The choker was long seen as not at all fashionable, but has now been given a modern twist. Today, you can have your choker set with some (coloured) diamonds to radiate pure class. The choker has therefore evolved enormously from the rope worn in the nineties.

Especially among the youth, who are now massively returning to nineties fashion, the choker is extremely popular. A stylish choker makes any look complete. But as mentioned, the choker is not only for the young. By means of the right additions, it is also becoming an indispensable piece for classy ladies.

How can I make my choker classy?

Chokers were mainly worn by school-age youth in the 90s, but today there are so many different types that they are not out of place at a chic gala. For example, you can wear a choker in white gold for a simple yet striking appearance. Top models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were already seen wearing one.

Another type of choker in which two chains are merged, is extremely popular. There is a second chain attached to this choker to attract attention to your décolleté. This second chain can certainly also be set with diamonds. To complete the whole look, you can always hang a locket on the chain.

How should I wear it?

When buying a diamond choker, you should pay careful attention. The choker will not suit people with a shorter neck very well. It is likely that your neck will seem even shorter by adding a choker. In that case, do not go for a wide model, but keep it subtle by buying a very fine diamond choker. This model looks very elegant.

More extravagant types can be combined. Feel free to wear it with some fine chains. This way, you create a nonchalant look where the choker draws attention and fully comes into its own. Your summer outfit will be brightened up completely.

Are you curious about whether a diamond choker would suit you too? Feel free to visit one of our showrooms. The BAUNAT experts are happy to assist you in your choice.

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