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Buying diamonds: the choker is back

Buying diamonds: the choker is back!

If you’re old enough to remember the nineties, you’ll certainly remember the choker. Everyone who was even just a little fashionable, surely had at least one of these. A choker is worn tightly around the neck and was considered ‘wrong’, until recently. Only a few people had expected it, but it has happened: the choker is back, and how! This necklace has a new look and is very popular again, in particular among youngsters. Though every type of woman can buy a diamond choker. 

The diamond choker

For a long time, the choker was considered ‘wrong’, but the new versions look very nice, especially when they’re set with diamonds. In other words: the choker has evolved tremendously and is not at all the former leather rope anymore. Chokers currently have class.  Therefore, you should pick one with diamonds, which is pure luxury if you ask us. If you really want to stand out, add some coloured diamonds and/or gemstones.

How to wear it?

Today’s celebrities have been spotted with a choker around their neck for a while now. But how do you turn this particular look into a casual one? When buying a diamond choker, you have to be careful, it can easily go wrong. Especially when your neck is short, since a diamond choker can make your neck look even shorter. Don’t go for a wide model, but keep it easy by buying a fine diamond choker. This model looks very elegant.

If you’re more the extravagant type of person, you can combine the diamond choker with some fine necklaces. By doing so, you create a casual look which draws even more attention to the choker.

Are you planning to buy a nice diamond choker, we happily provide you with a tailor-made solution. You can also have a look at our extensive collection of diamond necklaces.    

Author: Thomas Vanden Bogaerde
Source: BAUNAT


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