Women love to buy a diamond regularly, but did you know that 70% of all jewels is never worn? They remain untouched inside the jewel box. That’s a shame, because every diamond jewel deserves a spot in the spotlights. Why are these jewels not worn? We sum up the most important reasons and give you some tips to start wearing them again. Because every diamond jewel deserves a second chance!

Not the right size anymore

When women buy a jewel with a diamond on it, it often happens that they don’t wear it anymore after a while because the size isn’t right anymore. Too bad, because no matter how much you would like to wear the jewel, it just isn’t possible. However, this problem is very easy to solve: the jeweller can adjust the size, so you can enjoy your jewel to the fullest again.

Not clean

A diamond jewel that isn’t clean, looks dull, and just doesn’t look nice. We all want our jewels to shine bright. It is therefore advised to maintain your jewels well. Clean them in lukewarm water with white soap and a soft brush or with a jewellery cleaner. It’s also possible to clean your jewel professionally.

Wrong precious metal

In the past, you only wanted to buy yellow gold jewellery with diamonds. Today, you’re more of a fan of white gold and platinum. It’s just one example of why jewels aren’t worn anymore. The precious metal doesn’t have to be the reason. Nowadays, it’s fancy to wear different precious metals together.

It doesn’t match your style

It’s not easy to buy a jewel set with a diamond for someone else. Usually, people totally fail at this. And there you are, with a jewel that doesn’t match your style and taste. You can sell it, but it’s also possible to make another jewel out of it. Both options are better than a jewel that just stays in its box.

If you’re planning to buy a jewel set with diamonds, we’re the right company for you. If you want more information about our models, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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