Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, also for diamond jewellery. A lot of jewellery designers are inspired by the flora and fauna around us. Pure romance, as in the times of the Art Nouveau, where one had a nostalgic look to the playful forms of nature. It is therefore not surprising that a lot of men buy diamond jewellery for their loved one inspired by nature. We let ourselves also inspire by nature. Below you can discover some highlights from our collection:

Flower ring

A lot of men buy a diamond flower ring to propose their girlfriend. A colored diamond or gemstone surrounded by a number of small (colorless) diamonds is a classic. Think of Lady Di´s iconic diamond ring which is now worn by Kate Middleton.


Antwerps designer duo Wouters & Hendrix searched in this collection for the abstraction of graceful movements and shapes of plants. The result is a pure and sleek lines design which still shows a subtly and organic natural feeling. The Nathu collection is classic and modern at the same time. These jewels become one when wearing.

Le Paradis

This collection is also designed by Wouters & Hendrix. Le Paradis is an exotic flower opulence, translated into high quality diamond jewellery. 


Is your girlfriend’s birthday during summer, it is nice to buy her a diamond jewel from the Monarca collection. Here we were inspired by the beauty of the beautiful majestic monarch butterfly as a symbol of frivolity, dynamic and colorful beauty. Nice jewellery to perk up your summer outfit.


Want to buy an original diamond jewel, than the Licio collection is perfect for you. For this collection, designer Elisa Schepens took her inspiration from fragile fruits that are encased by a protective pod. These jewels are dreamy jewels in the shape of a beech nut.

And good to know: all collections and models are available in yellow-, white- and red gold.

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