• Coloured diamonds and gemstones are very popular at the moment, whether or not in combination with white or colourless diamonds.
  • By buying an engagement ring set with her birthstone, you choose for a unique and personal diamond ring.
  • Are you planning on buying a diamond engagement ring? At BAUNAT, we have a very broad collection.

Coloured diamonds and precious stones are on a fast rise. Engagement rings have become more colorful than ever. If you are planning on buying an engagement ring, then it can be nice to choose for a design that is set with her birthstone. This way, the diamond ring gets a unique and personal touch. Let’s look into this. 

The birthstone

Birthstones are associated with the month you are born in, but also sometimes with your birthday or zodiac sign. It is enjoyable to know the stories behind these magnificent gemstones but it is nice too to know what gemstones are correlated with which month, and what characteristics they are connected to.  The birthstone brings you more luck and other precious stones will protect you in the other months.

We would like to sum them up:  January (garnet), February (amethyst), March (aquamarine), April (diamond), May (emerald), June (pearl), July (ruby), August (peridot), September (sapphire), October (opal), November (topaz) and December (turquoise). They are all unique and beautiful gems, with the absolute leader, of course, the diamond in April. Women with a birthday this month, are extra lucky. The diamond is still considered as the king of all gemstones. It is the most beautiful and hardest gemstone that is currently available on the market.

What design?

When buying an engagement ring set with her birthstone, whether or not in combination with a white or colourless diamond, you can choose from different designs. In principle, every design can be set with coloured precious stones. From a solitaire ring with only the birthstone as eye-catcher to an trilogy engagement ring where the central diamond is replaced by the gemstone that associates with her birthday. Always take her personal taste and style into account and choose an engagement ring that you are sure she will like and love to wear. But if you do not find the perfect design to put on her finger, then we would love to design you a customized one.

If you plan on buying an engagement ring, whether or not set with her birthstone, then you are at the right place. Please feel free to take a look at our extensive collection. Do you have questions or interest in a specific design, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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