A pendant makes a beautiful gift for a loved one or yourself. But what are the most important factors to consider when buying a pendant? When do you want to buy a pendant and for what occasion? Is it better to shop online? BAUNAT explains the things you should know before buying a pendant.

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What occasion are you buying a pendant for?

A pendant is the perfect choice for many occasions: birthdays, achievements and life events (communion, confirmation, graduation, promotion, etc.), wedding anniversaries, Valentine's Day and Christmas.

With versatile options to suit every style, if you want to put a smile on your loved one's face, you can't go wrong with a pendant.

How do you find the right pendant?

The first question you should ask yourself when shopping for a pendant is a matter of taste: which metal do you prefer for your jewellery? A classic choice, white gold is easy to pair with other jewellery, much like shiny yellow gold, while rose gold has a lovely warm tone and platinum brings a touch of modernity.

The next element to consider is chain length, from short "choker" styles to longer designs. It may help to think about your wardrobe and the necklines you typically wear.

BAUNAT offers a wide range of pendant styles: solitaire, halo, with two or three precious stones, heart-shaped, or abstract designs.

If you choose a pendant set with a precious stone, be it a diamond or a sapphire, there are four key factors to consider: weight (in carats), colour, clarity and cut. These four factors also affect the price of the pendant, so you should always have a budget in mind.
Heart shaped gold and diamond necklace BAUNAT - Heart shaped gold and diamond necklace from BAUNAT.

Should you propose with a pendant?

Nowadays, necklaces and pendants are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional engagement rings, especially for women who cannot wear jewellery on their hands for professional reasons.

After all, pendants and engagement rings are just different ways to wear a diamond or another precious stone. A pendant set with a beautiful diamond can be the perfect choice to pop the question.
White gold diamond necklace BAUNAT - White gold diamond necklace from BAUNAT.

What are the benefits of buying online?

Buying a pendant online from a respected jeweller like BAUNAT offers a range of advantages:

  • Online shopping typically costs 30% to 50% less: pendants and other jewellery are cheaper on the internet.

  • Encrypted transactions ensure that purchases are 100% secure.

  • The online range is more extensive, opening up a whole new world of choices.

  • Sent with insured shipping, your pendant will be delivered in elegant gift packaging.

Buying a pendant in person: the BAUNAT showrooms

BAUNAT jewellery and pendants are also available to buy in person, including in the international showrooms in Antwerp, Paris, London and Amsterdam. BAUNAT strives to meet its customers' every need. Buying a pendant online is therefore the ideal option for anyone who already has a good idea of their desired pendant (size, metal, precious stones, etc.) and who is looking for a wide selection, a good quality/price ratio, and straightforward delivery.

The experts in the BAUNAT showrooms are at their customers' disposal to provide tailored advice and/or help to create a necklace with a bespoke pendant.

This multifaceted approach, as well as the follow-up offered by BAUNAT's customer service team, really sets the brand apart in the competitive jewellery market.

Any questions about buying a pendant necklace? Do not hesitate to contact BAUNAT to get advice from an expert jeweller.

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