You don’t buy a diamond every day. The purchase depends on a number of factors: the price tag is usually the most important, but other aspects such as brilliance, shape and size are of interest as well. This is for every woman (and man) different and depends on the personal style and taste. Which characteristic is the most important when buying a diamond? Would you invest in an impressive diamond jewel or opt for a smaller diamond of higher quality? The choice is yours, but we are happy to assist you with it. We sum up the most important characteristics of a diamond below:


Brilliance is the most important characteristic of a diamond. The better a rough diamond is cut, the better it will shine. We at BAUNAT strive to optimize each diamond sparkle. Thanks to their brilliance, big diamonds stand out more, but by adding diamonds with a smaller stone, you get the same beautiful effect. Think about a halo or trilogy (engagement) ring. These are ideal for those who have a limited budget.


There are different diamond shapes. Which shape you prefer, depends on your personality. Thus, a brilliant cut diamond suits perfectly with someone with a timeless and classic style, and women with a modern look choose more for a marquise cut diamond or a princess cut. Other shapes such as the brilliant has the perfect classic look. Then opt for brilliant earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets.


Of course it’s not the size of the diamond that matters. Some recommend buying a smaller diamond with a higher quality. Investing in quality is an investment in the future. Of course everyone wants to stand out with a large diamond, but sometimes the budget doesn’t allow this. Fortunately, there are some tricks which make a diamond appear bigger, for example by adding small diamonds.

Are you planning to buy a beautiful diamond jewel? Then you should definitely consider our extensive collection. If you have any questions, or you are interested in one of our models, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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