Your trust is what makes the jewellery industry successful nowadays. You are looking for something valuable, with a strong emotional power of attraction and of the best quality to add to your jewellery collection. This is why a properly checked production chain is vital for building up and maintaining your trust.


Ethical jewellery from BAUNAT - Gold ring with a diamond from an ethical source

What is ethical jewellery?

Ethical jewellery is jewellery, where we are familiar with the whole production chain from the source to the finished jewellery. It is very important that you know that the jewellery that you are buying is from a sustainable source and that it was produced by the best craftsmen with diamonds that are completely traceable.

You can gain insight into whether diamonds and jewellery are ethical by looking at the information which companies share on their website with consumers:

  1. Information about the quality of the precious stones

  2. Whether a certificate is offered by a recognised laboratory

  3. Where the jewellery is produced and by whom, whether it takes place locally or elsewhere

  4. Information about the production chain and whether the whole process has been checked effectively by and/or is known to the company

These factors are all important when buying diamonds, whether it is an investment or not.

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Rough diamonds - Rough diamonds are mined.

The origin of diamonds

Diamonds and other precious stones are found kilometers deep under the earth's surface, in river beds and at the bottom of the oceans. Natural diamonds need millions of years to develop from carbon into rough diamonds. The diamond is indeed one of the hardest materials in the world.

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The mining

The mining of diamonds involves a great deal of money, tools, manpower and time. There are various ways of extracting diamonds, the most well-known of which is extracting them from a deep mine shaft and vast corridor system. The diamond can also be extracted under water.
BAUNAT always buys its diamonds from the source and maintains control over the production chain
Diamond mines are generally in the hands of large industrial companies and that is precisely where the risk of exploitation lies. This is where the name 'blood diamond' came from. These are diamonds from conflict regions in Africa, the sales proceeds of which are used to support rebel groups. At the request of the United Nations, countries introduced a certification system in order to limit the trade in these diamonds.

The production chain

The production chain of a diamond is also referred to as the diamond pipeline and covers the whole process from a rough diamond to a cut diamond in your ring or necklace. When the rough diamonds have been mined, they are sorted into more than five thousand different combinations according to size, shape, colour and clarity. They are then shipped to be grinded and polished. Highly trained and experienced professionals grind the rough diamond into a diamond with a brilliance and in a particular cut. During the last phase, the diamond ends up in the retail trade where it can be set in a piece of jewellery with a setting of your choice.
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Producing your jewellery

The production of your jewellery can also take place in unethical ways. Then the production process is contracted out to third world countries where exploitation is not checked strictly enough. It is then difficult to discover whether the employees receive a fair wage for their work and whether or not child labour is used. However, at BAUNAT your jewellery is produced traditionally and by hand in our studios in Antwerp.

Are you looking for a unique piece of jewellery? Take a look in our style guide or have a piece of jewellery custom-made. The creation process of a custom-made piece of jewellery takes place according to a number of fixed steps:

  1. The choice of the material and the precious stones

  2. A rough sketch of the design

  3. A digital visualization of the jewellery with a 3-D model

  4. The traditional handwork of your jewellery

  5. A thorough quality control by our experts

The ethical jewellery from BAUNAT

At BAUNAT we recognise the importance of consumer trust and always work with ethical jewellery:

  1. By buying diamonds directly from the source and offering continually recognised certificates for certified diamonds.

  2. By designing jewellery by hand and producing it in our local studio in Antwerp. As a result, we are always being sure that we maintain the control over the production chain of all our diamonds and jewellery.

What else should you know about jewellery collections?

Precious metals and precious stones have a long route before they end up in your jewellery. At BAUNAT, we choose to check the entire chain from beginning to end and thus consciously choose ethical jewellery. Read more about your jewellery collection:
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