At first glance, Düsseldorf does not convey the flair of a cosmopolitan city, but has more of a small-town character. However, the city has many hidden qualities and is one of Germany's leading cities for fashion. It also boasts many cultural and architectural highlights. Moreover, Düsseldorf is a fantastic place to buy luxury diamond earrings.

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Why is Düsseldorf a wonderful place to visit?

Are you interested in art and architecture? Then Düsseldorf is definitely worth a visit. There is much to discover: from the modern and futuristic-looking Gehry buildings in the Media Harbour to the Basilica of St. Lambertus and Benrath Palace in the south of the city, with its beautiful park that invites you to take a stroll.

For friends of modern art, the state art collections K20 and K21, which display important works of 20th- and 21st-century art, are a must-see. If you are interested in photography, you should pay a visit to the NRW-Forum and if you are interested in the history of film, the Film Museum with its attached cinema is a highlight.

There is plenty on offer for families with children, especially the fascinating Aquazoo and a round trip on the Rhine.

Last but not least, Düsseldorf is the perfect location for shopping, especially in the upmarket area. The famous KÖ Galerie, a luxurious shopping centre, and the Königsallee, or KÖ for short, are particularly inviting places to shop. Many fashion labels maintain flagship stores here, and Düsseldorf owes its reputation as an international shopping mecca to this boulevard. Are you interested in fashion and jewellery? Then you should not miss Düsseldorf in Germany, where you can pick up a beautiful pair of earrings.
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Where can I find the best diamond earrings in Düsseldorf?

Most of the jewellers and large jewellery shops in the city can be found, as you would expect, along the Königsallee, especially in the north-eastern part. This is also the home of the BAUNAT Showroom Düsseldorf, just a few steps away from Corneliusplatz.
Are you looking for very high-quality earrings with diamonds at a particularly attractive price, made with the finest craftsmanship from Antwerp? Then BAUNAT is the right place for you. All our diamonds are 100% natural, of selected quality and purchased directly from the source. With no overheads or middleman costs, you receive the highest-quality diamond jewellery without unnecessary surcharges. If you would like, we will also be happy to make tailor-made earrings, entirely according to your ideas and templates.

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