• The features of the perfect fitting ring.
  • Reduce the ring size by removing a piece of precious metal.
  • Enlarge the ring by stretching or adding a piece of precious metal. 

Do you want to buy a ring to surprise your loved one but you are not sure what her ring size is?

You can request a ring sizer at BAUNAT, but then it won’t be a surprise anymore. If your partner does not have another ring that you can secretly measure, you will have to take a guess. The average woman’s ring size is 16 to 17,5 mm. It is better to buy a ring that is a size too big than too small. To reduce the ring size is a standard procedure. To enlarge a ring is more difficult.

The perfect fitting ring

Before you break your head while you buy the perfect ring and try to figure out the correct ring size, we would like to give you more insight in what a well-fitting ring features. A perfect fitting ring is easy to put on but a bit harder to take off. Tight enough not to lose it and at the same time loose enough to easily get it over the knuckles. The finger size is also slightly dependent on the time of the day and the temperature. It is therefore best to measure her ring size in the evening when you are planning to buy a ring.

Reduce the ring size

Golden rings can be adjusted. So, you can definitely buy a ring made from this qualitative precious metal. But keep in mind that the more diamonds the ring has, the more difficult it will be to adjust it. The diamonds will have to be taken out before resizing the ring. But do not let this stop you from buying a ring that sparkles as bright as your loved one! To reduce the ring size, a small piece of precious metal is removed and then soldered together again. This spot will become slightly weaker in comparison to the rest of the ring.

Enlarge your ring

To buy a ring that is too small and make it bigger is a little difficult. The ring is cut open first to put an extra piece of precious metal in between. Of course, the ring is, just as with the reduction, thoroughly cleaned and polished afterwards so you won’t see any traces of the procedure. Using this procedure, your ring can be made smaller or bigger up to 3 sizes. A diamond ring that is only a little too small, can also be stretched very carefully. Using this technique, however, your ring can only be enlarged to maximum half a size.

Are you still looking for a beautiful ring, then you are at the right place. Do you have interest or questions about a specific design, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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